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    I'm building private blog network and since I'm not so experienced in this area, I'd like to ask some more advanced guys, so:

    1. If I find a dropped domain with existing backlink profile - mainly directories - that isn't indexed in Google, does that mean that the domain has been deindexed or are there chance that the site is ok in G's database ? I've found a few nice sites but after site:domain.com it isn't in G so not quite sure what to do.

    2. Do you go for domains that have backlinks from directories when the anchor text is ok, I mean not ideal, but no hardly spammed, but the backlinks are from directories and lists where there is a page and each site gets a link and short description - domains aren't related.

    3. Do you think a site that has contextual link from nytimes.com, PA 50+ and 1 other link and no other backlinks is valuable ? I'm not sure if it's worth to grab this one for registration fees or is this 1 backlinks not enough to make it at least good domain for pbn ? I know it's nytimes but it has 2 backlinks and that's it. What would you do ?

    4. Do you buy domains for pbn that has side bar backlinks ? I'm not sure it it's ok, I know G said it's not good backlink, but it's tier 2 and I'm not quite sure if it's ok to grab that kind of sites or do you guys buy only ones that have contextual backlinks ?
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    1. No, the domains disappear normally after being down for a while. It *may* be penalized, so due diligence is required.

    2. Links from directories aren't worth anything, except perhaps from dmoz and yahoo, still they lost their previous glory.

    3. Links from authoritative sites are always welcome, but press release links are mostly ignored these days.

    4. It depends. Open blog networks are all flagged and will likely get you penalized, especially obvious links like sidebar links.
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