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    It is complete beginner's Guide to Starting and Marketing an App. If you are building a mobile app first time, it means you must have many questions about it like is this Mobile app authentic, how this app will work, how people will know about my mobile app and such other important questions. This is true that for marketing of app through social media and other channels plus lifestyle are frequently discussed by entrepreneurs and other business man. But there are also some common questions to build a successful and complete app. Now questions and answers are given below:

    I have many app ideas, which one should I prefer?

    Please note that many entrepreneurs have built websites about multiple ideas available. App may be like a hit song .We cannot conclude on urgent basis that it will hit or not. So wait for 4 to 6 months for single app. If no growing occurs then come to second idea.

    I have an app idea but from where I start?

    You should take your idea on paper. Idea should be clear. Search for prototyping tools at internet and develop a screen by screen mock up/design of your app. When you will become satisfied now can send to any company for developing plus designing.

    How do I know whether the customer wants my app?

    You should reach the market fast and build a core proposition of your app and check whether customers are interested to buy or not. You should do fast and do not wait the completion of your app along all features. Once you will do this. There is great chance to get very nice feedback from your paying users or consumer and customers.

    Should I build a mobile website or a native app?

    There is millions of app present close to each other in Android and Ios app stores. Here you will have a great competition. You will see and examine. There is a wide difference. Mobile websites do not explain about any experience about app. They also do not take too much value of customers. Please note this important point that app is related with mobiles and websites are attached with desktop. Do not mix them.

    Should we build the app in-house or outsource?

    There are some most popular products that were outsourced in the first days of launching like Digg,Skype and Alibaba etc. If you are creating your first product then keep your price low and work with an outsourced provider who knows the requirements of this field very much. Key point is that your new product should reach in the hands of customers. With the passage of time if you feel that there is real demand of your product in the market and increasing day by day then you can start development and other things of your app in house. At this level you will get high results but there are require much effort behind this.

    How do I submit an app to the Apple App Store or Android Market?

    For this you should first sign up. Open an account with Google and Apple by registering at their websites. There is an annual fee of $25 for Google and $99 for apple. This is fee for annual app store. The uploading process that should be used is done by your developers at app store. So the uploading special process depends upon your developerd.This annual paying fee will become great revenue for you in future if you launched a high quality app.

    Should I offer my application as free and then figure out how to make money later?

    This is a very rare chance. You should move onward with care and full attention. This is not an easy process. You may introduce relatively low price in initial stages and can also offer any nice bonus accordingly.

    I've built my app. Now what?

    This is clear that products and app cannot be sold at their own. There is need of serious efforts to make success of your product. You have to move the app from walls of your home to the shelves of shops. Then you will meet and contact people to tell them where they can get your product. App store optimization can help you to search or get a great deal for you. You need to market your app at different authentic places for getting high vision.

    How do I market my app?

    This is more comfortable to take help from a third party. You can get suggestions from technical bloggers, press media coverage and other professional people of this field. You should market your app through these channels. You should have keen eye on reviews and descriptions posted by consumers of your application plus also use high attention and struggle for removal of any negative review.

    Should I create a cross-platform app?

    My experience shows that the cross platform application rarely provides great experience to users. So such areas are not much trusted. You have to think many times before coming towards this point. This is must for you and success of product.

    How much does it cost to develop an app?

    Your question is strange. It seems that you are asking about to buy a car. For development of an app there are considered many factors that need to be put forth. Development costs can be between $3,000 to $10,000 depending upon complexity and nature of app. So there is variation of prices. There is difference of range accordingly.

    What If My App Does not Work?

    Most app ideas are like the business ideas. As you know in business sometime ideas are not succeeded .Similarly, problem may come about app growth and they can fail. You should not desperate. You have to get, learn and apply new ideas, new features and positive things in your new developed app. You should move to next idea. Do not works in much hurry but keep a close eye how to develop a meaningful device or app so that you can get success? If you want to get more answers about app. I shall like to answer you in detail as soon as possible. You can also share your experience about your app or use of any app in your mobile or any other such thing. You can ask questions or post your precious experience in comments. You can contact me any time. I shall reply as soon as possible. Thanks.
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