A Complete Guide on keeping your PC safe From Virus & trojan and B*tch*s

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    Well, Guys I know Lot of People here who think a clean virus total report means a clean File You know what you fail.
    Seriously, guys do you really think the virus total is bad ass ?? No
    virus files can be crypted which make them (FUD) which make them completely un detectable and fcukyou with the full extent & what does hackers spend on making a trojan or a Kellogger ?? Nothing yea nothing
    they ultra target BHW Why because we have marketers with bad ass amounts of money of course, which don't include me :p
    so let's get to point, I will be discussing it in three
    The first step is Basic Protection
    so. What is basic protection well its very much simple get an antivirus or even better get total security
    IMO Use Bitdefender or Eset, Kaspersky customer service sucks.
    Bitdefender and eset Coustmer service is good
    so these will give you first layer of protection

    Now comes the sexy second layer of protection

    use sandboxie or similar software to protect your PC

    The awesome third layer.

    Use VMware install to run cracked versions
    of software.
    now the Failproof measure

    Make A Norton ghost backup of your "C" drive and write it to DVD :)
    ok so the Bottom line
    1) Use sandboxie for key gens
    2) Use Vmware for cracked versions
    3) Buy legit software if you can and if its worth it.
    4) Use updated Antivirus Software.
    5) Make Periodic Backups With Norton Ghost
    6) And Always Think Before you take action.

    That's it if you follow above tips you are Safe

    Disclaimer: I don't post any of my business tactics here
    I only post tips and tricks, which won't affect my business in any way because am a selfish and dare to admit it.! If you still think I deserve somerespect I wish you do the following:
    Donate to a charity
    Wish Me good health
    Don't Be a Racist
    Pardon my bad english​
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    A firewall is also a must. I always use KeyScrambler too, which will show a keylogger scrambled keys, for example "Test" would show as "2*s0", but it's different every time. Non-kernel keyloggers will show nothing at all.

    If you participate in illegal activities then using TrueCrypt is also a good idea, it offers uncanny on-the-fly encryption, it's open source, it's just the sh*t.

    I would definitely always check unsure apps with virustotal just in case, the virustotal uploader is a very handy tool, it adds a "Send to> Virustotal" link in your right click context menu.

    I might be able to find them if they're wanted, I have 2 tools that are around 10 years old I think, created by the IAMFearless team way back when, Fearless Bound File Extractor and Fearless Bound File Detector, so that if you do get a working app that is binded with a trojan you can make it clean. Universal Extractor works for setup files and some bound files. Never trust setups, they can easily be modified.
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    Yea true crypt if your doing really blackhat shit like faking identity and stuff
    but yea i use it to hide porn :p
    firewall is included in total security :) yea the post is my 2am post you know what i mean :p
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    Thanks buddy. Good info.