A Complete Gudie to Installing a XML Blogger Template

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    Hello there,

    I Know some of us don't have an Idea, How to Install Blogger Template. Now I am Going to Show you how to Install a Blogger template.

    1. Download Blogger template from Here.
    2. Now if it is compressed just uncompress it and put the xml file in some place in your computer.

    3. Go to blogger and login with your user Account. So now, you are in your Dashboard. Now go to your blog and click on the layout tab on the top.

    4. So, you are in layout option, now delete every page element (First Delete html/java script page element. then try to upload the template if not working then delete all the other page elements ) in the Layout Option. So you deleted every Page Element. Now, Go to edit template and check the Expand Widget is ON. If Not, Click On the Expand Widget Radio Button.

    5. Now Upload Your Template. Please Don't Copy and paste the code. Upload the Template with the upload option.

    Maximum You will Succeed, if not Let me know what's your Problem

    Thanking you. :cool:

    Note: You may got some problems by uploading the templates wihout delete the page elements. So do the exact process as i told you here.
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