A Cautionary Tale About Paypal

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    After a recent meet and greet with a friend of mine ( former classmate) who works with Paypal security, I thought I'd give the prewarning to those of you buying approved accounts, vccs, documents, ssns, etc. Before the end of the year paypal is going to start running checks, they already hired a third party verification company, and intend to make a background check and verification of identity in an effort to close all the fraudulent accounts.

    This is what I've gotten out of him, the rest he wont tell me:

    1. They may start doing credit / background checks / chexsystem checks like banks, making it a requirement for a selected amount of time to verify your account or it will become suspended ( of course they are going to limit it until you do so).

    2. The third party verification company providing the checks is simply going to verify the existence and matching of account information with utility bills.

    3. They will start matching bank information with your account information ( I know they said they do it but now they are really going to look into it).

    4. Approval for new accounts will now take about 24 hours or more to complete the verification process.

    5. They are going to start double checking the information on passports and identification cards

    6. In some cases they are going to ask for verification which may require you to go to your bank or notary, provide two supporting documents, proof of address, etc and direct contact with someone at a bank

    7. IP information ( I know its easy to change but they want to crack down on that too) is going to be verified and monitoring of bank locations, actually following where the money ends up is going to be done.

    Just giving you all the heads up. For those who are noticing your accounts are getting locked, or those of you who think they are too clever to get caught or for those of you whom assume they don't know you sent in photoshopped documents... giving you the heads up. They already started the process, have received certain clearances and will probably roll this out soon.

    Do your selves a favor, move your money now, find another payment merchant or partner with someone with a legitimate account.
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