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    I'm not here to lecture about the globe, after all you either believe
    or you don't and that's the bottom line. I'm posting this here because
    I believe that the black hat world has a tremendous power to
    mass market something which I believe could help the future.
    I know there is no other community IN THE WORLD that could do
    better job at this. This video was posted all across P2P networks
    and is put on youtube with high definition for free. From what I
    know millions of dollars were spent in making it and at the end
    it asks for nothing in return. No 'affiliate links' or products attempting
    to be sold - just a change in heart.

    I want my great grand children to know I that I at least tried to
    do something while I was alive and I invite anyone else who has
    it within them to help.

    Things we'll be needing as a team are Xrumer Blasts,
    Alexa high rankings, Pr blasts, twitter marketing,
    youtube comment spamming and many other things
    - I want to get this video to get across and the MESSAGE
    along with it. So if you have it in your heart to help we could
    use your skills and talents. Who says black hat can't be used
    for good? and If you feel the same way then leave a message
    on here and we will get down to business using collaboration
    software but I suggest that any critic against global warming
    or it's effects to be left at the door because it doesn't help
    those that believe. More updates will ensure to follow & as
    this team and collaboration are formed.