A Blow For Mobile Advertising? Built in AdBlock for iOS9

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    Hello everyone,

    As many of you are well aware, iOS9 was announced the other day and one thing that I haven't seen discussed is the changes to Apple's Safari Browser. Apple calls it "Content Blocking" but in reality it's "Ad blocking."

    "The new Safari release brings Content Blocking Safari Extensions to iOS. Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content."

    Now it sounds like it will be an extension, but it's highly likely that it will easily be the most popular one, just as it is on desktop in the app store. Keep in mind, right now there really isn't a way (or easy way) to block ads on mobile browsers.

    Obviously, for myself and alot of people here, we rely on advertising clicks from companies like adsense. My question to you guys is, do you think you will see a significant hit in revenue because of this? I'm trying to be optimistic and tell myself that the number of people who download the extension will be minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but I feel as if I am probably overly optimistic.

    What are some strategies you think people are going to implement to combat this? Do you think advertisers should have the right to show ads (ethically) to provide them income for the content they produce?

    I personally have adblock installed on my desktop and I'm sure most people here do as well. Would I also install it on my phone? Absolutely. However do I want people to see my ads? Yes. It really is a difficult situation.

    I think we could have some pretty good discussions here, tell me what you guys think.