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    I got into blackhatting when I was a sociology student turned activist.
    I found both activism and blackhatting went hand in hand. My philosophy was simple: Selflessly focus on helping a social movement gain momentum, and move on to the next one. Wake up, and serve drinks to drunks for a living the next day.
    My work has been mentioned across various mainstream media channels... but not my name; leaving my reputation virtually unheard of.
    I couldn't capitalize on my successes as an activist; nobody can really it's a contradiction lol... From the outside it looks like a group effort, but that effort was started by someone, and so the original idea maker's name gets lost in the crowd. So I quit blackhatting & activism for a while to rejoin the masses in their pursuit of numerical illusion based enslavement. Recently came back into this field with a fresh perspective: To earn my money helping them.
    Got my station set up & I'm currently growing roots into irl & social media networks. But I've run into an obvious problem :

    Ain't nobody tryna gimme a dolla cuz they gots no monies in the pocketz !

    For the amount of work I'm putting into this; monetary conversion rate sucks cuz these niches are focused on trying to save the world and kill the capitalist machine. But I knew this would happen so its whatevs for now

    Anywho, stats:
    Monetization via:
    offering whatever they need that I can do to get their voices heard via social media (which is probably better for our planet than what those fluoride drinking ego zombies craving followers for fame found in the evergreen niches do)

    Money invested:
    I had all the tools just lying around already, also

    Learning from trial and error with such an unusual campaign is a full-time job.
    I'm literally selling my stuff so I can make ends meet.
    1 month
    1 website
    2 girls
    1 cup
    3 IRL meetings
    3 automated Instagram accounts
    (currently at 20k+ collectively)
    Earned $14 & $60

    focused on creating quality content for Instagram accounts to up engagement
    Warming up a couple dozen other instagram accounts,
    Cleaned up the appearance of the ol' twitter ring, 100 of the 300 ready atm
    Building 2.0 sites to redirect to my LP with the newer instagram
    Scraping sites to backlink from & harvesting activism accounts on Twitter & IG to outreach to

    Let's say you're me, stubborn afff and you really want to find that sweet spot where monetization and social movements meet, what would be your next step?

    *disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated to any political mafia. I am a sociologist, I only do what society needs of me to do.

    Some projects I worked on :


    (I was searching for the ActBlue donations we managed to accumulate for the Bernie campaign but since the election is over the stats are not up anymore, they reached the hundreds of thousands though )
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