A bit of advice, please?

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    For the past 3 days I have become active on BHW, and I regret not doing so before. I spend 90% time here. I have seen many cool methods. I will be going into CPA by next week since I am struggling to make a site which can help me in getting accepted (I can handle phone call easily).

    Now to the point, I see that Ac is a good thing to work on so....
    I just need a sort of sample, like what kind of stuff to pour in.

    I am good @ English and filled with ideas but I need to erm..have a glance at WHAT is considered as a good article, of course the term "good article" for everyone is different since they have different needs. So I just need to know what kind of stuff AC searches in an article.

    Also I am unable to decide which topics I should write on...any help will be highly appreciated :D

    Thanks again!
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    One way to see what AC is looking for in the articles, go browse the site and see the top articles and how they are written and the info they contain.