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    hello my dear mates and seo-experts,

    im from the other side of world. for exactly, im from germany.
    and how you may know, germans suck on using seo to rise up their income.
    i was reading for a long time here in this forum and im really excited about you guys and how you rule google with the things you do. i am reading for months now and i would like to start my business, too.

    so here is my story and my start, how i would do it. please be polite and help me out if i missed something or understand something in a wrong way. my english is terrible, please dont take it that serious if it sucks.

    i want to build up niche sites ranking on keywords ive chosen:

    1. build up about 20+ unique domains with each unique content of about 500 words, topic similar to the site i want to give the link juice later. let them rank/index by google and get a good domain age about a few months/one half year.

    2. build up my niche site (topic like "everything about cars") and then write content for the topic cars. how to repair cars, what you need to do that, etc. Of course i use keyword planner to know which keywords are the right ones.

    3. link the 20 domains to my website, so building up a private network of many links focusing on my niche site. i think 1 month for building up content is okay, then i will post blog posts every week (2-3) with each 300-800 words.

    4. when i linked all 20 domains, i will start to go on amazon, random blogs (similar to the topic of my niche of course) and other forum, to spread the shit out and let google know my website is nice.

    5. build up backlinks for 6 months, 20 links each month and slow it down until i reached the 6th month and to stop it then. after 6 months 3-6 links each month is okay i think. of course i wil continue setting backlinks, but not that much any more.

    so i got two blogposts each month and 5 backlinks each month left to do. i want to make the money more passive, not active, building up many niche sites.

    for what do i need footprints and how to use them? did i forgot something to know? how can i make my private backlink networks more effective? link each of them together, too? do you know any good tricks you could tell me? how long will it take to build up a niche site?

    im using market samurai
    keyword planner
    google webmaster tools
    google analytics
    is there anything i still need? would you prefer using sistrix or which program/tool can you say is the best one? what is worth its price?

    thank you very much guys
    i appreciate every good answer that helps me to rise up my empire of niche websites