99Designs Reviews?


Oct 30, 2011
Hey guys.

Have any of you used 99Design's to get your logo designed?

How was your experience / results?
I've never used them for a logo but I can say they charge too much for web design.

If you don't get any good reviews I can vouch for xthstudios. He's awesome at logos and web design.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help :(
I can vouch for 99designs. When I am over-booked, I head over there. Basically designers fight over your project by offering up their designs to you.

Out of the dozen that I have done, I haven't liked 2 of them - both times I just called up the company and they gave me a full refund within literally 30 seconds.
used them before for a website redesign- client paid for it, I just managed it. Not bad service, pricey yes, but we actually went through 104 designs to get the look, they have a money back guarantee I think if your not happy. People here do great work, go with recommendations.
I only worked as a designer there, and that was like 4 years ago, but I think what I'm about to say is still valid.

Due to the nature of the site, where you can have 100 designers competing in a single contest, as a designer you have a very small chance to win, even if you're the best. Sure, some of them win 1 out of 8 contests, but what do you think, what will be the quality of their average design? By 'quality', I don't mean just looks — a slick vector design with a nice drawing...

A good graphic designer/design company will invest lots of time to gather as much information as they need to make a good logo, and the information here involves the company values, philosophy, brand, existing visual identity and preferred color scheme, industry, position, etc, tons of stuff in addition to the presupposed graphic design software mastery. Most designers on 99design are just focusing on the visual part. The better ones will cleverly read your info, for any clues on what could give them an edge over other designers, eg. the logo examples you might mention, color scheme, something about the company. And then they will choose a suitable font, play with lettering until it looks nice, and add some artsy icon that seemingly fits the site theme (eg. abstract drawing of a house for a real-estate site, and if you're lucky enough that the site name starts with "A", they'll turn it into a house itself, with roof extending over the other letters). And I fully understand them, you can't spend 10 hours on a logo if you'll always have a small chance of winning by default, and as a result, you'll always be involved in multiple such projects.

I wouldn't even mention any of this if it wasn't for the average price you'll pay for a logo there. For $300 in cash (as opposed to 10% chance of winning $300), you could find a much better and more dedicated designer elsewhere. Perhaps even browse through the profiles on 99design, try to find contact info of better designers (if still possible), and send them an offer. There are some really good designers there, but like I said, the system is designed in a way that will eventually shortchange both sides.

But if it's not something big and you're ok with just a great looking logo and some basic thinking behind it, 99designs is good enough. They're experts at making beautiful logos, especially the trending ones (when I worked there, it was web 2.0 and the transparent, swirly, silverlight-looking thingies), since these have biggest chance of winning any given contest.
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