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99% Of You Autobloggers Are Doing It All Wrong...

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by ramakazi, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. forgetyou

    forgetyou Junior Member

    Nov 7, 2008
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    Google does not pay every one equally!
    They have a quality score for adsense as well as adwords and you can be high organically but the site below you may make more money because of google's quality score..
  2. shylesson

    shylesson Power Member

    Jan 10, 2008
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    lol u rock!

    I do this too! For maybe half of mine. Like I'll go on a whim and buy 10 domains on x-niches because they were what came to my mind on godaddy at the time.

    But I'll also do the keyword research niches. I like to check out what the competitor sites are and how many searches the term gets in the quotes, and how many ads yadda yadda. I like to use kw elite, google keyword tool, adwords accelerator, and a few other free online tools [just for quickie comparisons--the top three i use are the first three listed].

    But I think you are wrong in a way mr op. I don't think there is one set value. I am going to admit to everyoneeeeee that my main big moneymaking autoblog is in the niche non other than!!!!....wait for it....waaaaaaiiiittt forrrrr iiiiittttt.......weight loss! dun dun dun!!! OMG! And no, not 'lose weight quick in 80 days' or 'the fastest weight loss solution alive'........weight loss. Not acai berry weight loss, not green tea weight loss, not hoodia weight loss. WEIGHT LOSS. How did I pick this niche? I saw it was popular [duh..as e1 knows], found a nice domain name, built the blog, and went from there. Even the categories I chose were general weight loss terms such as weight loss ebooks weight loss help weight loss motivation and the like. Some specific like Acai Berry, but for the most part, just things that came to my mind when i thought of weight loss! I still can get random dollar+ clicks and mostly high paying clicks off this site. I cannot remember the channel ever being below 30c/click avg [once it started earning of course]. But yet I have read/heard/talked to others doing the same niche getting little to no traffic and maybe a random click if they are lucky. I don't know why. Best I can say is their setup is different, their traffic is different, their means of getting traffic is different, their SEO is different, they are different. People will just do things differently, use different plugins, and try to cut corners even. Or even the ones that don't, for whatever reason, just have no success with their methods. Their methods. It's more than just the keywords. The keyword provides the foundation, sure, but until you build a stable home on that foundation, you can never live there.

    eta: I also love to pick a keyword based off a kickazz wp theme that i find =P
  3. hosttab3

    hosttab3 Newbie

    Apr 1, 2009
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    ok I'll show you an example.

    Alright you click the approx search volumes to get the ones with the most searches a month and copy each keyword into google. then it will display the competitors. Lower the better obviously, and the high seared ones get a full green pay and may pay $6 per click for position 1-3 on adwords.

    Ok now for a demo:

    I've taken the example of the casino roulette wheels. From the top of my head.

    I've found one with quite 773,000 competitors:
    gambling roulette 1 - 3 $3.57 27,100 14,800

    So 27k searches a month and just 773,000 competitors. If you go to this page the other competitors are useless, and don't have too much relevance to gambling roulette. So you'd get like gambling-routine.info as the domain and get like 5 other sub domains using the same idea.

    So don't rule out the highly searched keywords as no one is competiting for them.

    I'll find a great one soon and send it to you.
  4. datrends

    datrends Registered Member

    Nov 11, 2008
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    behind the screen
    very thanks, ramakazi...
    I would try this method.
  5. husker999

    husker999 Junior Member

    Oct 6, 2008
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    What ramakazi trying to say is do what you normally do for your keyword research, except filter off the low paying keywords.

    The top positing does not mean your blog in the top posting as mentioned in Post #10. It just mean people has been paying that price for their ads to be in the top position in the search network. But, we are now dealing with content network, so it is very unlikely you will get that kind of money if someone click on the ads in your blog.

    The tough part of this idea is finding keywords that offer good money yet with little competition and a reasonably good amount of search volume.The better way to know how many competition is by using allintitle: rather than just broad/exact search result. Of course, if you can analyze the top 10 site for the keyword will be better because you have to aim for top 10, if not at least top 20 and nothing less.

    Different niche do give a different price tag. Certain niche like attorney, debt management could easily cost more than 10dollars per click, but getting your blog with those super high paying keywords is very tough, and very unlikely you can squeeze your blog into the top 10.
  6. ramakazi

    ramakazi Regular Member

    Feb 28, 2009
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    thanks for that answer husker999 :D
  7. saturday1

    saturday1 Power Member

    Dec 28, 2008
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    after all still too much headache to take care
    but yeah i dun say this is bad but i myself just let my autoblog flow just like it self
    if it earn is oke if not oke too