99% of all New Business are DOA – Dead On Arrival

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    The purpose of this OP is not to discourage newcomers to business in fact the opposite applies as those who start off positive and stay positive will have a hell of a good chance in succeeding in a new venture!

    How do I know well during 13 years that I worked for a US Fortune 100 computer and real time controls company who employed over 80,000 people worldwide. The corporate philosophy was that every negative business issue can be turned into a positive. Closely followed by a rule to never knock or disparage competitors ? this was a win win tactic for sales folks they were made up and hyper ready to deliver sales spiel that win orders! They would quote competitors saying they had great products blah blah then they would close out the bait and switch ploy by saying ? but did you know we can meet all the specification parameters from company A and give you blah blah ? all meaning much more and the result was yes a new order!

    The fact that 99.9% of all new start ups fail is staggering and is obviously down to a whole raft of reasons! But hey think about it if one does not learn the basic principles of business what chance in the world has any one of ever being successful. I personally employ some very basic principles into my work ethic.

    How do I know my methods work? The answer to that is simple I Don?t! That is why I have worked full time none stop on the Internet since 1995 ? I measure any upside gains by what I can achieve every new day and in the future. I cannot permit myself to sit back and look at yesterday ? last week et al and fail that is a No No.

    I put down my survival down to this I get up every day turn on the PC log onto the Net and work a full day ? applying and utilizing all that I have learnt in business in the trust that those principles will get me through another day!

    Do I like my work? Yes ? Why? Because it is all I know working everyday!

    But here is the kicker ?I Love It!?

    Hope folks will find something useful in this OP, as I am just a regular guy who is here on BHW to contribute ? read and learn and hopefully make money. One thing I am not here to do is f**k and fight and disparage people that is not on my agenda as I have no time for negatives as positives are my target to hopefully enable me to meet the expectations I demand from myself in my work.

    Do I believe that 99.9% of start-ups fail ? Yes! Do I accept such a high failure rate ? No ? because those that go to work and apply what is after all 99 percent common sense ? WILL NOT FAIL!

    This topic was kick started by this article which I have not read yet ? I just looked at the header so far then I wrote ? the OP. However as I have to learn all the time I will read it now.

    ?Thanks for Reading? and remember work and think positive!

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    Most people wonder why they are not doing well, however they forget that they are ignoring how money works, and so money ignores them. It is simple as that.

    Money / success attracted to businesses that solve real problems for people or other businesses.

    They need to start attracting money instead of just chasing it. Most people go about it the wrong way. Hence, they join the 99% club.

    Just my 2c. Thanks Steelballs :drinking2