95% Recovered From SAPE Penalty, Need Some Advice Please

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Thesiege84, May 27, 2016.

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    So i have a website with around 130 pages (Unique, manually written), each targeting its own set of keywords.

    I started the website last year around September and have drip fed web 2.0 spam to it until around December and basically just neglected the website for a few months.

    I checked its SERP rankings 2 months ago and it was ok, everything generally ranking between page 1 and 5 but mainly page 3-5.

    So since i dont really care about the website i dabbled in SAPE again and drip fed around 700 high powered links that were on topic with the pages the links came from.

    I built (roughly)
    -200 links to homepage
    -3-5 links to each page

    Then added 60 links to 1 page with a VERY competitive keyword to see what it would do...

    Anchor text wise i linked from sape with only naked URLS but web 2.0 spam gave great anchor diversity.

    Then the site starting going crazy in the rankings and was shooting up all over the place and growly INCREDIBLE stronger... but obviously too strong as BOOM it got smashed with a 5 page penalty across the board!

    So i bought a new domain (same domain name just with a different extension) and 301'ed the old one to the new one and about a week later the new site seems to be showing signs of recovering....

    Right now the site is ranking:
    Top 10: 2
    Top 20: 45
    Top 30:77
    Top 100: 105

    SERPBOOK link:

    Now i've played with SAPE over the years a LOT but seem to always get a penalty one way or another but everytime i get one i redirect to a new domain and cancel SAPE links and the site recovers to its normal positions (before sape influenced ranks)...

    This time is different as i have kept the links to the old domain (which is now redirected).

    So i would like your help on the following:

    The website seems to be doing great again but im mostly stuck on page 2, ive been here before with other sites that needed various methods to gain Googles trust to go to page 1...

    But this time its different, because this is pure SAPE i'm really not sure what type of backlinks/social to give this site to push it to page 1.

    So my question is:

    What would you do with this site to bring it to page 1?

    What links would you build if any?

    Would you do social links, if so to every page or just HP and how many?

    It would be great if you could give me some pointers as to what you would do with this site!
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    create all social profiles, and do tier 2 links to these, or at least social profiles, with some updates.

    you must have other type of links too, each page need, few comments, forum posts, and of course 2-3 blog posts. Then do sape, it will work.

    Tip for you: Sape work, but u must mix with other type of links too, do any , but not spam.