$9/YEAR SSD Web Hosting ⭐ Unlimited Hosted Domains ⭐ USA/EU/SG/IN Datacenter Locations ⭐ Instant Delivery ⭐ PayPal & BTC Accepted

I want to know, in addition to the 4 locations you mentioned, can this service be used in other locations?
Those are datacenter locations, which can be accessed from any location. We provide these options so that people may choose a location that's near to their clientele to reduce latency for them. Regardless of the location you choose, your website will be accessible from anywhere.
will you migrate 1 site for free?
It will depend on the compatibility of your current platform. Please get in touch with Sales to find compatibility level and whether you're eligible for free migration.

I want SSD Web Hosting from UAE. is it possible?​

We offer USA, EU, SG, and IN locations. I guess EU would be more suitable for you as far as latency is concerned. Also, if you really want to host only in UAE for some reason, please take a look at our UAE VPS -> https://cenchu.net/vps/dubai-vps

USA Domain needed.
I don't exactly understand what you mean by USA domain. Can you please explain?
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