9 Sites De-Indexed - Is Class-C Hosting The Answer?


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Nov 4, 2008
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Last year I had 9 sites de-indexed overnight - and they weren't even BH, they were autoblogs posting Amazon content! The big 'G' decided it didn't like them and de-indexed all of them. I'm assuming that it looked at all of the sites that were using the same setup from the same host/IP/nameservers and decided to drop them!!!

Now, I'm setting up some BH autoblogs, different from the previous one, and I want to make them as safe as possible by making then look as through they're from different people in different locations.

The WHOIS info is private to all domains so I'm thinking that using different C-Class IPs must be the easist way of keeping the sites separate.

I've looked into the different SEO Hosting providers and it's a bit confusing about which is best. Also, I've read that it's also important to have different nameservers for each domain as simply having different C-Class IPs stiill shows each domain on the same nameserver! So far, cclassiphosting have told me that they can provide 'branded nameservers' for each domain.

Does anyone have any experience with all of this and any thoughts about any other options.