8 million followers in 3.8 years how did she do this?


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Apr 21, 2014
Well i found this instagram account HERE She has like 8 million followers in 3.8 years and if you do the math that is more than 5500 followers a day EACH AND EVERY DAY that is more than most celebreties on instagram and she is not even a celebrity, each of her picture gets somewhere between 180k to over 200k likes and thousands upon thousands of comments! Even if it took her 4 bloody years its still really alot no one can get over 5500 followers a day every day constantly for 4 bloody years!

Lets discuss what these people do to grow like crazy!

She's fitness model

Check out her ass mate she should have had more
not a celeb?
wiki quote: "Selter has appeared in Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness, Vanity Fair and Maxim magazines"
She was voted 82 of most desirable women in 2014

So huge ass + celeb status = many followers
Dude she has a HUGE ass nuff said.

I agree with this man ^.
OP, have you seen her ass??
That's plenty enough to get 8m followers.
Plus she's showing her ass in 3/4 of her photos AND she has nice attractive colorful photos.
Has good connections with some big fitness groups, probably promoting eachother.
People do have different definations for stuff. Taht's what you call a booty? Anyway, that's a number of followers that's good to aim for
She a celeb even my little sister no her stuff lol
Hold up, getting 5k followers / day is not that CRAZY as you think.
I can get 1k/day and my page is not even that big, if you have a 1m+ page, it's extremely easy to grow 5k/day.

Here's a nice example, yesterday there was a UFC match, and one of the fighters had 1.6m followers yesterday and today he has 1.9m, close to 2m. That's an increase of 300-400k in 1 day.
Now that's a pretty big increase, not 5k/day.
She has a 34million view youtube "interview" about her:

She is famouse as hell. Got huge media coverage a few years back. Now she is pretty much a celebrity.
She also has a GIF where she puts a shake in the back of her pants and twerks it. I heard that it was her connections with Taylor Swift or some of the big clebs and also that she is like a New York Socialite, hanging out there in the clubs with clebs
Ah leave it to BHW to get things straight, i stand corrected then but 8 millions is still alot and no i dont think that ass is THE greatest ass, ive seen better (non fake) asses :D lol

Imagine what we could do with 200k likes per picture! Would be rolling in cash :D
Op's next thread: "where do babies come from? Let's discuss"

Shyts obvious breh
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