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8 Best Strategies To Get Your Online Business Exposure And Customers

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by katereber, May 25, 2011.

  1. katereber

    katereber Guest

    These are The 8 Best Strategies To Get Your Online Business Exposure And Customers, according to the Florida Times Union. .

    > The website itself. This is the hub where we will be driving all that traffic from the Internet.

    > Forums. Get involved with others, discussing your business practices online. (Good job, looks like you?re already doing that!)

    > Article marketing. You must author and publish articles. It shows that you are the expert, and it's a great tool for directing traffic.

    > Video marketing. Remember to direct the traffic from the video to your product.

    > Online directories. Just locate the hundreds of directories, and start listing your business.

    > Social media. While this might seem like a waste of time, it can be a great traffic generator.

    > Blogs. Daily entries into your blog can create a following of your expertise.

    > E-mail marketing. Use this with an autoresponder to target your prospects and give them what they want from you, not your competition.