750 Traffic Tactics do you use them to promote your business??

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    Hi everybody just get an email very interesting do you use all of those systems ?


    How to Get Targeted Traffic vs Non-Targeted Traffic

    01. The "Article Marketing" Tactic
    02. The "Forum Marketing" Tactic
    03. "Traffic Exchanges" Tactic
    04. "Free Classifieds" Method
    05. Tactical "Press Release"
    06. Tactic: "Resource box"
    07. Tactic with "Email"
    08. The "Google AdWords" Tactic
    09. Mini Tactic: "Title Tag"
    10. Tactic: Submission to Directories"
    11. The "HubPage and Squidoo" Tactic
    12. The "Link Exchange Partnership" Tactic
    13. The "Joint Venture" Tactic
    14. The "Affiliate Program" Tactic
    15. Tactic with "Subscriber List"
    16. The "Tell-a-friend" Method
    17. "Paid Reviews" Tactic
    18. "Re-Visits" Tactic
    19. "Error Page" Tactic
    20. Promotion Tactic
    21. Offers Tactic
    22. "Yahoo! Answers" Tactic
    23. "Customer Support" Tactic
    24. "Comments" Tactic
    25. The "Screensaver" Tactic
    26. Tactic: Keywords
    27. The eBay Tactic
    28. Tactical "Blog Entries"
    29. The Advertisement Tactic
    30. "Pay-Per-Lead" Tactic

    Important Principles and Tips on Getting Traffic

    31. Quantity of Traffic
    32. Quality of Traffic
    33. Non-Targeted Traffic
    34. Targeted Traffic
    35. RSS
    36. Email Subscription
    38. Opt-in Box
    39. Free Traffic
    40. "Patience is Virtue"
    41. Videos
    42. The Right Message
    43. "Solve" Tactic
    44. Target Audience
    45. Competitors
    46. Innovative Ads
    47. Be Regular
    48. Variety
    49. Digg Styles are In
    50. Niche Marketing
    51. Sign Ups
    52. Web Theme
    53. Involve the Subscribers and Visitors
    54. Postcards and Business Cards
    55. Exchanges with other Marketers can also Help
    56. Giving Away Free E-books to Visitors
    57. Signature
    58. Communities
    59. Testing
    60. Web space

    What You Must Know About Traffic Building as a Webmaster

    61. "Keyword Research" Tactic
    62. "Uncluttered Website" Tactic
    63. "Neat Web Pages" Tactic
    64. "Meta Tags" Tactic
    65. Tactic: "Avoid Repetition of Keywords"
    66. "Relevancy" Tactic
    67. Tactic: "Home page"
    68. Intranet Tactic
    69. "Avoid Redirect Pages"
    70. "Analysis Program" Tactic
    71. Take it Easy
    72. "Control of Error" Tactic
    73. Maintain a Record
    74. Improve your Webpage Rank
    75. "Upgradation" Tactic
    76. The "Complete Web Design" Tactic
    77. The "Skilled Webmaster" Tactic
    78. Know what You Want
    79. "Organic Listings" Tactic
    80. The "Common Words" Tactic
    81. The "Javascript" Tactic
    82. Tactic with CGI Scripts
    83. No Broken Links
    84. Avoid Frames
    85. The "Dedicated Server" Tactic
    86. The "Auto-Surf Traffic" Tactic
    87. Tactic with "Buying Traffic or Impressions"
    88. "Tell-a-Friend" Script Tactic
    89. The Importance of Backlinks
    90. The "Alexa Banners" Tactic

    Affiliate Program Tactics

    91. "Target Audience Select" Tactic
    92. "Target Audience Approach" Tactic
    93. Know What is Hot and Happening
    94. Have a Positive and Realistic Mindset
    95. The "Information Quantity" Tactic
    96. Power of Google Adwords
    97. Do Your Own Writing
    98. The "Matching Affiliate Program" Tactic
    99. "The 'In' Thing" Tactic
    100. "Get Paid - Without Sales" Tactic
    101. The Affiliate "List Building" Tactic
    102. The "Targeted Traffic Driving" Tactic
    103. The "Well Linking Position" Tactic
    104. The "Clutter-Free Diversification" Tactic
    105. Don't Try to Fool Your Readers
    106. The "Alternate Revenue Streams" Tactic
    107.The "Effective Tool Leverage" Tactic
    108. Don't Overdo It
    109. The "Follow the Results" Tactic
    110. Have Your Own Website
    111. The "Forums and Discussion Boards" Tactic
    112. The "E-zine" Tactic
    113. Share a Trustworthy Relation with Your Readers
    114. The "E-mails" Tactic
    115. The "Strong Sales Page" Tactic
    116. Don't Send Prospects to the Merchant's Page Instantly
    117. The "Affiliate Survey" Tactic
    118. The "Speedy Reply" Tactic
    119. Treat Affiliates Well
    120. The "Plug Exchange" Tactic with Affiliate Managers

    Controversial Petition Traffic Tactics

    121. The "Viral Marketing Petition" Tactic
    122. ePetition Tactic
    123. The "Advantage" Tactic
    124. The "Feed Back Form" Tactic
    125. "The Party" Tactic
    126. Scope for Making a lot of Money
    127. Keyword Rich "Petition Content" Tactic
    128. Opt-in Subscribers
    129. PetitionSpot.com
    130. iPetitions.com
    131. GoPetition.com
    132. PetitionThem.com
    133. The "Petition Portals" Tactic
    134. Petition Script
    135. Petition Forum
    136. Petition Hosting Providers
    137. "Affiliate Program" Petition Tactic
    138. Mailing List Managers
    139. The "Sponsored Ads" Tactic
    140. The Featured Petitions" Tactic
    141. The "Premium Services" Tactic
    142. The Donations Tactic
    143. Legal Notice
    144. Promise Privacy
    145. "Tell a Friend" Petition Tab Tactic
    146. Petition Topics
    147. Well Written Petitions
    148. The "Extra Effect" Tactic
    149. Mention your Details
    150. The "Positive Petitions" Tactic

    Mailing List Advertising Tactics

    151. The Articles that You Send Must be Highly Informative
    152. Make your Emails Simple and User Friendly
    153. Keep your Customers Updated
    154. The "Point and Quick" Tactic
    155. Experiment, Reach out and Try Different Things
    156. The "New Business Opportunities" Tactic
    157. Your "Sales Data Base" Tactic
    158. Tactic: Your Employees Could Be Source to New Clients
    159. The "List Server" Tactic
    160. The "Website Request" Tactic
    161. The "E-Newsletter Subscription" Tactic
    162. The "Groups and Networks" Tactic
    163. The "Target Sale Group" Tactic
    164. The "Online Discussion Group" Tactic
    165. The Media Tactic
    166. The Networking Tactic
    167. Becareful about the Purchase of Mailing List
    168. The "Economic Benefits" Tactic
    169. The "Squeeze Page Size" Tactic
    170. Have No Outgoing Links
    171. The "Bullets" Tactic
    172. Keep your Marketing List Up to Date
    173. The "Valid Permission" Tactic
    174. Profile your Marketing Lists
    175. Make Sure that Your Mails are Not Taken as SPAM
    176. The "Crisp Content" Tactic
    177. Send a Reasonable Sized Email
    178. The "Return Receipts" Tactic
    179. Use Spell Check
    180. Test Your Mails

    Paid Web Space Advertising Tactics

    181. The "Revenue Models" Tactic
    182. The "CPM Ad" Tactic
    183. The "Unique Impression" Tactic
    184. The CPC Tactic
    185. Risk Factor
    186. The "Ad Performance" Tactic
    187. The CPA Tactic
    188. The "Cost per Lead" Tactic
    189. The "Cost per Sale" Tactic
    190. The "Best Ad" Tactic
    191. Regular Checking of Ads
    192. Check the Ads YOURSELF
    193. The "Ad Content" Tactic
    194. The "Effective Advertising" Tactic
    195. Advertising Deals
    196. "Communicative Ads" Tactic
    197. The Google Tactic
    198. The "Expanded Matching" Tactic
    199. The "Increased Click" Tactic
    200. The Blogging Tactic
    201. The "Text Link Advertising" Tactic
    202. The "Paid Syndication" Tactic
    203. The "Feed Based Advertising" Tactic
    204. The "Banner Advertisements" Tactic
    205. The PPC Tactic
    206. The "Newsletter Advertising" Tactic
    207. Pick Up the Right Sites
    208. Tactic: Attract with Banners
    209. The "Correct Placement" Tactic
    210. The "Contest Participation" Tactic

    Pay-Per-Click Tactics

    211. Have Keywords on the Display URL
    212. Keep the Keywords Separated
    213. Keep an Eye on Your Position
    214. The "Advertising Styles" Tactic
    215. Have the Keywords on the Landing Page
    216. Avoid Landing the Potential Customers on the Homepage
    217. Have a Plan
    218. Use a Software that Can Manage your Bids
    219. Bid Sensibly
    220. Choose Keywords that are Less Bid For
    221. Bid on Targeted Keywords Rather than General Ones
    222. Bid on the Lesser Known PPC
    223. The "Create Separate Ads" Tactic
    224. Get listed in Specialty Pay-Per-Click
    225. "Write Crisp Ads" Tactic
    226. Being Ranked Number is Not All That Important
    227. Try to Have an Exact Match
    228. The "Phrase Match" Tactic
    229. The "Broad Match" Tactic
    230. The "Negative Match" Tactic
    231. The "Contextual Targeting" Tactic
    232. The "Geo-Targeting" Tactic
    233. The " Day Parting" Tactic
    234. The "Keyword Research Tool" Tactic
    235. The "Multiple Ads" Tactic
    236. Avoid Joining the Crowd
    237. Check the Cost and Revenue Ratio
    238. Try other PPC Search Engines
    239. Try to Get Ranked in the Top 3 Positions
    240. Make your Landing Page Buyer Friendly

    Peer-to-Peer Network Tactics

    241. Business Growth
    242. Corporate Network
    243. P2P Format
    244. P2P is Legal
    245. Attitude of the Users
    246. Domain Controller
    247. Logging In
    248. Know What You Are Sharing
    249. Protecting your Personal Information
    250. Safe Download
    251. The Right Source
    252. Latest Anti-Virus Software
    253. Security Tools
    254. No Unlawful Activities
    255. Spywares
    256. File Sharing Programs
    257. Be Alert
    258. Avoid Giving Personal Information
    259. Protect your PC
    260. Identifying of P2P Users
    261. Port Based Analysis
    262. Port Matching
    263. Protocol Analysis
    264. P2P Application Solutions
    265. Signature Based Authentication
    266. Application Level
    267. Naming the File
    268. Traffic Information
    269. Recommended P2P Networks
    270. Gnutella

    Tactics on Using Auction Sites and Tell-a-Friends to Drive Traffic

    271. The Huge Size of the Market
    272. eBay can Generate Customers and Sellers
    273. Geographic Distance
    274. Time limits "Do Not Apply" Tactic
    275. Buyers are Ecstatic
    276. eBay Auction is Not Capital Intensive
    277. Benefits of Online Auction
    278. Auction ID
    279. "About Me" Optimization Tactic
    280. Follow the Rules
    281. Make Allies
    282. Advertisements
    283. Traffic
    284. The " Keywords Optimization" Tactic
    285. The "Cross Promotion" Tactic
    286. The "Attractive Catch Phrases" Tactic
    287. Interactive forums" Tactic
    288. Digg.com
    289. Bidd.buds
    290. The "Articles" Tactic
    291. The "Reports" Tactic
    292. Tell a Friend Script
    293. Attachment Forwarding
    294. The strategy of Tell a friend Script
    295. The "Recurring Forwards" Tactic
    296. The "Spreading the Word" Tactic
    297. The "No Major Skills Required" Tactic
    298. The "Just a Click" Tactic
    299. The "It's affordable!" Tactic
    300. The "Steady Results" Tactic

    Article Marketing Tactics for Targeted Traffic

    301. Avail the Advantages of Article Marketing Campaigns
    302. Overcoming Setbacks
    303. Focus on the Writing Style
    304. Quality
    305. Frequency
    306. Wide Genre
    307. Tactic: Hiring Ghostwriters
    308. Tactic: Write for Popular Websites
    309. Tactic: Specialized Directories
    310. Tactic: How to use Leading Search Engines
    311. Tactic: Success through Search Engines
    312. Tactic: How to Improve
    313. Tactic: Keyword Usage
    314. Tactic: Regular Submission
    315. Display your Picture Alongside Your Article
    316. How to Register in Such Sites
    317. Tactic: Use Multiple Identities Effectively
    318. Tactic: Use Blogs for Auto-syndication of Articles
    319. Tactic: RSS Feeds
    320. Tactic: Exclusive Articles
    321. Tactic: Terms for Exclusivity
    322. Podcasting
    323. Power of Podcasting
    324. Using Squidoo
    325. Quality matters
    326. Tactic: Affiliates
    327. Tactic: Networking
    328. Sharing Information
    329. Tactic: Comment
    330. Act

    Blog for Traffic Tactics

    331. Use the Right Software
    332. Blog Hosting
    333. Title Tag
    334. Article Marketing
    335. Tagging
    336. Technorati
    337. Tactic: Boosting Blog's Visibility
    338. WTF at Technorati
    339. Tactic: Rate and Ranks
    340. Tactic: Blog Commenting
    341. Tactic: Choose your Blog Topics
    342. Intelligent Linking
    343. Tactic: Invite Contributors
    344. Interaction
    345. Provide Answers!
    346. Tracking Visitors
    347. Charisma
    348. Proper Archives
    349. Blog URL
    350. Sharing Information
    351. Don't go Overboard
    352. The "Link Bait" Tactic
    353. Writing Style
    354. Branding Tool
    355. The "Blog Submission" Tactic
    356. The "Yahoo Feed" Tactic
    357. The "Google Adwords" Tactic
    358. Blog Name
    359. Frequency of Blog Posts
    360. The "Signatures" Tactic

    Search Engine Traffic Tactics

    361. Domain Age
    362. Regular Upgrade
    363. Write for your Visitors
    364. The "Press Releases" Tactic
    365. The "Flash" Tactic
    366. The "Meta Tags" Tactic
    367. The "Heading Tag" Tactic
    368. The "Site Map" Tactic
    369. The "Keywords" Tactic
    370. External Links
    371. Business Address
    372. Article Distribution
    373. Images
    374. Multiple Domains
    375. The "Link Exchange" Tactic
    376. Link Titles
    377. The "Anchoring Text" Tactic
    378. Keyword Research
    379. New PPC Account
    380. Keyword Stuffing
    381. Invisible Content
    382. Heading Tags
    383. Link Farms
    384. Scope for Improvement
    385. Be Patient
    386. Set Goals
    387. Make the Best Site
    388. SEO Friendly URL
    389. Consider Blogging
    390. Use Tools

    Social Media Site Optimization Traffic Tactics

    391. SMO
    392. Nickname
    393. Build your Name
    394. Be Organized
    395. The "Cross Bookmarking" Tactic
    396. The "Social Relationship" Tactic
    397. Research
    398. The "Trust and Relationship" Tactic
    399. The "Link Bait" Tactic
    400. The "Posting Links" Tactic
    401. The "Natural Links" Tactic
    402. Interesting Content
    403. Know your Customers
    404. Arouse Interest" Tactic
    405. Don't be Panicky
    406. Have Patience
    407. Proper Reply
    408. The "Crisp Responses" Tactic
    409. The "Yahoo Answers!" Tactic
    410. The "Videos" Tactic
    411. Using Pictures
    412. StumbleUpon
    413. Digg
    414. De.li.cious
    415. Listible
    416. Technorati
    417. Get into Groups
    418. The "Traveling Content" Tactic
    419. The "Inbound Links" Tactic
    420 . Upload your Videos

    Tactics to Maintain Web Traffic Flow

    421. Link Exchange
    422. Make use of Proper Keywords and Also Proper Keyphrases
    423. Submit Articles that are Interesting to Read
    424. Offer a Newsletter on your Website
    425. Advertise Well
    426. Share your Opinion by Joining Forums and Creating Online Communities
    427. Exchange Links
    428. Traffic Exchange
    429. Make a Newsletter
    430. Understand the Working of Search Engines
    431. Pay-Per-Click Program
    432. Inbound Links
    433. Email Marketing
    434. Blogs and RSS Feed
    435. Try the Social Media and Bookmarking Web Sites
    436. You can Try Other Offline Sources
    437. Organize your Website Well
    438. Stick to your Central Theme
    439. Other Benefits of Sticking to a Central Theme
    440. Provide User Friendly Information
    441. Get a Keyword Research Done
    442. Create a Simple and Elegant Design
    443. On-site Optimization
    444. Create a Title
    445. Post New Content
    446. Remain Active on the Internet
    447. Link
    448. Ezine Advertising
    449. Distributing Free Report
    450. Submit your Website to Social Bookmarking Sites

    Offline Traffic Tactics

    451. Guest Star on a Radio Talk Show
    452. Get Yourself on Television
    453. Be a Guest Speaker
    454. Make yourself into an Expert
    455. Advertise in a Local Magazine
    456. Get in a Newsletter
    457. Put up a Billboard
    458. Place Newspaper Ads
    459. Hand out Flyers
    460. Use Direct Mailings
    461. Start up a Telemarketing Campaign
    462. Print up Business Cards
    463. Sponsor a Contest
    464. Sponsor a Sports Team
    465. Give to Charity
    466. Get in the Church Bulletin
    467. Develop an Offline Affiliate Program
    468. Become a News Story
    469. Host Promotional Product Giveaways
    470. Print up Tee Shirts
    471. Pass out Bumper Stickers
    472. Use the Old Stand by of Word of Mouth
    473. Set up Shop at Fairs or Festivals
    474. Print up Pamphlets
    475. Send out Text Messages
    476. Post Ads on Bulletin Boards
    477. Be a Part of the Sunday Paper
    478. Team up with a Local Business
    479. Create a Phone Book Listing
    480. Think Outside the Box

    Social Networking Traffic Tactics

    481. Go Where the People Are
    482. Optimize for Best Results
    483. Add Friends Carefully
    484. Add Content with Care
    485. The "Multimedia" Tactic
    486. Be Aware of Your Audience
    487. State your Purpose
    488. Follow the Rules
    489. Keep it Updated
    490. Use Photos
    491. Try Social Media Sharing Sites
    492. The "Customize" Tactic
    493. Watch for Hackers!
    494. Choose a Reliable Service
    495. Understand the Network
    496. Take Advantage of Groups
    497. Fill out Your Profile
    498. Use all the Features
    499. Don't sell
    500. Be Professional but Friendly
    501. Go Public
    502. Visit Other People's pages
    503. The "Stay Active" Tactic
    504. Add Target Content
    505. The "Link your Site" Tactic
    506. Choose a Theme
    507. Learn how the Site Works and how to Use It
    508. Don't be Afraid to Share
    509. Be Honest
    510. Constantly Reach out to Others

    Video Marketing Traffic Tactics

    511. Demonstrate how to use your Products
    512. Give a Complete and Accurate Picture of What You Are Selling
    513. Convey How Important the Customer Is to You
    514. Demonstrate the Unique Qualities of your Product
    515. Put Testimonials in Your Video
    516. Back Up Your Printed Information with the Video
    517. Use Every Aspect of Video
    518. Make it Compelling
    519. Think Hard About How Your Video is Presented
    520. Reuse Old Video to Make Something New
    521. Keep Your Video Professional
    522. Do Not Overwhelm the Consumer
    523. Tailor the Video to Your Target Market
    524. Get Creative
    525. Place it Wisely
    526. Stick with One Basic Message
    527. Do Not Forget to Edit
    528. Test your Video
    529. Give Options to the Consumer
    530. Change Your Video on Occasion
    531. Choose the Images and People in Your Video Carefully
    532. Get Ideas from Commercials
    533. Try to Keep Costs Low
    534. Scope out other Internet Videos
    535. Understand the power of video
    536. The "Emotion" Tactic
    537. Take full Advantage of All the Attention You Get
    538. The "Keep it Simple" Tactic
    539. Don't Over Sell
    540. The "Show, Not tell" Tactic

    Maximum Advertising Tactics

    541. Make up a good brochure
    542. Use direct mail for a targeted campaign
    543. Use an email campaign to its fullest potential
    544. Place an ad in a target market magazine
    545. Write articles
    546. Place newspaper ads in local papers
    547. Develop an online newsletter
    548. Participate in online chats
    549. Become a member of various message boards
    550. Use email and message board signature lines
    551. Place ads on bulletin boards
    552. Create business cards
    553. Try out a spot on the radio
    554. Develop a telemarketing campaign
    555. Run television ads
    556. Participate in a link exchange
    557. Put your contact number in the yellow pages
    558. Use precise wording
    559. Be honest
    560. Install confidence
    561. Be an expert
    562. Use promotional items
    563. Give away freebies
    564. Hand out bumper stickers
    565. Get your name out there
    566. Be professional
    567. Keep things simple
    568. Avoid flash
    569. Grab attention
    570. Find a niche

    Tactics on Building Yourself as a Niche Expert

    571. Know the latest news
    572. Stay up-to-date on changes
    573. Don't publish junk information
    574. Know how to present information
    575. Do research on important topics
    576. Provide your readers with information
    577. Teach
    578. Talk at your reader's level
    579. Be open to new ideas
    580. Expose misconceptions and myths
    581. Let others talk about you
    582. Showcase your credentials
    583. Talk with readers
    584. Get yourself published online and in print
    585. Establish good relationships with other experts
    586. Associate yourself with your topic
    587. Write articles
    588. Write for others
    589. Always keep learning
    590. Change what others think
    591. Think quality over quantity
    592. If you do not know then find out
    593. Socialize with a wide range of people
    594. Join clubs and groups
    595. If you are wrong then admit it
    596. Help others
    597. Don't flaunt your knowledge
    598. Back up what you say with facts
    599. Develop your image
    600. Be professional

    Tactics on Converting Visitors into Customers

    601. Keep it simple
    602. Use targeted headlines
    603. Get rid of distractions
    604. Ask for the sale
    605. Make it easy to buy
    606. Make it secure for the visitor
    607. Learn how to write copy
    608. Don't sell too much
    609. Use precise wording
    610. Know your target market
    611. Use links carefully
    612. Grab attention
    613. Check out top sites
    614. Be unique
    615. Give enough information
    616. Link your pages together
    617. Use a good sales model
    618. Get help from the professionals
    619. Make use of tools
    620. Don't change what works
    621. Use videos
    622. Make your website interesting
    623. Highlight what you are selling
    624. Give them a reason to buy
    625. Offer freebies
    626. Have sales and offers
    627. Show products
    628. Use email lists
    629. Be competitive
    630. Avoid distractions

    Traffic Monetizing Tactics

    631. Sign up for Google Adsense
    632. Sell Newsletter ad space
    633. Join affiliate programs
    634. Sell banner ad space on your home page
    635. Sell advertising space on your message board pages
    636. Sell links
    637. Build a directory
    638. Sell articles you have written or that you own
    639. Do not let monetizing get out of hand
    640. Double free gifts as promotional items
    641. Create lead lists to sell
    642. Build keyword lists
    643. Put your blog to work
    644. Team up with another business
    645. Sell your newsletter
    646. Sell your blog
    647. Make a membership area
    648. Buy up good keyword domain names and rent them out
    649. Use tagging sites
    650. Use in-text advertising
    651. Add a search box
    652. Build your own paid advertising programs
    653. Sell your Ebooks
    654. Sell your expertise
    655. Set up a donation account
    656. Add RSS feeds
    657. Get a sponsor
    658. Set up a seminar course
    659. Write a blog for another company
    660. Join a program where you can make brand merchandise

    Cost-Per-Action Tactics

    661. Understand the idea
    662. Calculate the benefit
    663. Track effectiveness
    664. Be precise
    665. Choose keywords wisely
    666. Investigate the company
    667. Make use of the tools included
    668. Target your market
    669. Understand the 24/7 market
    670. Don't drop the ball on your end
    671. Carry through and ask for the sale
    672. Look for competitive pricing
    673. Watch the competition
    674. Use different formats
    675. Promote one product
    676. Use as many keywords as possible
    677. Use call to action words
    678. Edit as needed
    679. Adjust bids often
    680. Make sure campaigns are working
    681. Have a clear goal
    682. Do not create competing ads
    683. Use unique URL's
    684. Research well before using
    685. Make it good content
    686. Take notes from top ads
    687. Grab attention
    688. Test new ideas
    689. Look at what others are doing outside your market
    690. Give it time

    Opt-in Form Placing Tactics

    691. Make your link clear
    692. Make your link prominent
    693. Promote on your home page
    694. Offer back subscriptions as samples
    695. Put subscribe links in emails
    696. Put link on sales and product pages
    697. Maximize your opt-in page
    698. Use testimonials
    699. Install confidence
    700. Make it valuable
    701. Offer incentives
    702. Be trustworthy
    703. Let them know what they will get
    704. Have a privacy policy
    705. Explain opt-in process
    706. Make the opt-in form easy to use
    707. Keep everything simple
    708. Ask for only what you need
    709. Use email validation
    710. Have a confirmation or other security check
    711. Give format options
    712. Give options to customize
    713. Have a way for them to opt out
    714. Have good content
    715. Use good forms and tools
    716. Keep good records
    717. Don't misuse records and information
    718. Be honest
    719. Be genuine
    720. Make friends with your subscribers

    Squeeze Page Optimization Tactics

    721. The "Multiple Squeeze Pages" Tactic
    722. The "Target Top Keywords" Tactic
    723. Research and Incorporate it Into Your Page
    724. The "Build Customer Confidence
    725. Avoid Being too Flashy
    726. Don't Exaggerate
    727. Make the Customer Feel Secure and Safe
    728. Keep it Simple
    729. State the Purpose
    730. The "Offer an Incentive" Tactic
    731. Follow through on What You Say
    732. Be Honest
    733. Have a Strategy
    734. Have a Target Market
    735. Make your Headline Grab Attention
    736. Use Sub Headlines
    737. Make Copy the Right Length
    738. Point out Benefits
    739. The "Point out your Uniqueness" Tactic
    740. Give Details
    741. Explain how to Use your Offer
    742. Use Photos
    743. The "Video Squeeze" Tactic
    744. Have a Simple Layout
    745. The "No Links" Tactic
    746. The "Easy Opt-in" Tactic
    747. Give Information about Your Business
    748. Have a Privacy Policy
    749. The "Generate Interest" Tactic
    750. Understand the Point

    end :D
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  2. MrDee23

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    Feb 23, 2008
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    That is some list. I didn't look at every single one but I think if you used every single one you would definitely build traffic to your site.
  3. dddd

    dddd Junior Member

    Jun 4, 2007
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    I just thought I've seen this before and yes I have, isn't that the list out of the salespage for "750 Traffic Tactics"? Do you have the product? Can you share it? (salespage at w3.priva*telabelrig*htsgold.c0m/750/ ) Anybody has it? It looks very interesting indeed - would benefit us all doesn't it?
  4. rubixcubeman

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    So my question is why post this? Are you sharing it?
  5. dddd

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    what the... do I smell spam "martinlock"? can a mod clean this up please, thansk

    anyway, somebody got this PLR-list of traffic tactics now? would be really interesting, have you please?
  6. Niche

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    There are a thousand and one traffic generation techniques out their
    The trick is to identify a few that you think are viable and concentrate on them

    Even if it is only 5 traffic generation startegies that you master, this would result in a ton of traffic to your niche sites

    Problem with newbies is that they run around trying to do everything at once that they end up achieving nothing and quit the business

    This business is about focus, focussing on just afew things and making them work for you
  7. dddd

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    don't get me wrong "Niche", but pointing your finger at us (and especially me ;) ;) ;) ) as "newbies" (although you have no idea about who we are, don't you?), is not the "way to go"... If you are not into educating yourself, fine - we are and for me it is always interesting to get new ideas on top of the ones that are working (you won't believe it maybe, but it is called "growing" ;) )

    now back to the point, this is a PLR product and therefore it usually should be around - anybody?
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    Personal Escort Assistrant
    Home Page:
    Big Deal It's useless to most what a waste of time and waste of space on this forum.
  9. showbizvet

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    Tennessee and around
    It took some time to make that post.. I'm with AlphaBeta7... thanks
  10. davidson

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I think this is a good download page for the actual tips and strategies ...

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  11. tcrossman

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    Reading this today, in 2011, and many principles still apply! Good post, thanks!
  12. strangerzid

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    nice list ;)