Jan 23, 2014
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Please read the reviews of my customers who have purchased earlier.
I have quoted some review for your reference!

As a part of review OP Provided link from a site with PA-89 and DA - 91. Both verified and same.

Here is my review:
Order 2 links, one or 2 weeks ago.
Got delivered yesterday.
Result clear and natural. Exactly the kind of trust looking post i was looking for. Those really fit my nich.
Will order again.

Order 2 post. Just got delivered.
I asked OP for niche compliant spot for my site, he gave good advice.
Spot are clean, as i searched. Good PR as mentioned. Article are clear, instructive and get real.
One getting real visitor, both not far from home (temporaly).
That delivery is hat i was expecting.
Will order again.

high quality article custom designed per my order.

I purchased a couple of links and would say the sites were of good quality and related to much. Had a couple of small snags with one link but must say I received some of the best customer service that I've ever seen from a vendor on BHW. There aren't many services that I'd even attempt here, and even less that I'd recommend but I will be purchasing a few more links from creativelinks in the future, for sure.

I got the live links a week before, the links are perfect according to my requirement and article quality is perfect.
Good improvement in SERP. I recommend this service to all.
New order placed for 4 links, transaction ID: xxxxxxxxx846. And I need 1st 2 links within a week.

I received all the links on the correct pages within just a few days - can't ask for more than that.
Will order again next month after I have had a chance to watch serps.
Thanks for the great service.

Links received on promsed turnaround, Article is with good quality and links placed contextually.. Overall I am happy with this service
I will pace my 2nd order soon

Good Quality links. Was really impressed by his communication and the effort he went to to please to buyer. I would recommend.

I've just had my guest post published.
Communication with CreativeLinks is very good.
My instructions were followed as I required, and it was delivered before the dead line.
Very Good Service. Now waiting for the rank boost :)

Been working with Creative for a few months now, and his work has been awesome. His posts are delivering rankings and high quality traffic to boot! Can't beat that, and his prices are great too. Highly recommended!

Just now I get the backlinks.
OP communication is really good, updating the status frequently.
According to my requirement all the link has been placed perfectly.
Overall nice service.
Waiting for the KW improvement. :)

Received my 3 links purchased. I will be back for more shortly. Thank you.

Link just went live, excellent communication, quality and price.
Will use again.
Thanks a lot.

Work all done exactly as requested. Communication excellent and works carried out very quickly. Good text just as described. Very happy and will be back for more..

Link looks great! Placed a 2nd order immediately!
Thanks :)

Great service and a great link! Thanks!

Very quick TAT for order, comunication too very good. I hope the rezults will be great for those links :)

Thanks! Sites were legit and high authority.

Placed an order again a few days ago, content went up and link is excellent.
Thanks again, more orders to follow :)

Placed another order and it was business as usual. Delivered in 2 days with a quality article posted exactly where he said it would be. Wasn't my first order and won't be my last, I sent you a PM with details on what I need for 2 other links, please reply as soon as you can.

Ordered some articles, transaction ID: **********8746 - thanks!
BTW, this service is AMAZING for the price and you're insane if you haven't tried it.

Made a 3rd order.
Was pleased of last orders.
transaction: .....06VS865351S

Got my link today .. Really impressed .. Extreme authority .. First for this site ..
PR 6 .. DA 67 :)
Fantastic .. Great Stuff !! Thanks a ton !! Will order more !!

I have received my links today on domains that are
DA 80
DA 73
DA 55
But im even more impressed with sellers working process , communication , delivery right on time...I have worked with many sellers here on BHW and most of them should learn from this guy how to treat his customers..And all this for $14 a pop this service is no brainier...I will order again for sure.

There are a few services selling these types of links here on BHW, and I'm testing each one out. These $14 prices are the cheapest I've come across, I also was provided samples from the seller and they looked great to me.

Samples looked awesome!! Just placed my first order hope to be back for more!! Transaction ID-************6274

I had order 3 links for $14 each and I'll say in overall this service worth it. I mean, really, you can't expect much from $14 link.
Your $14 links will be posted on the domains with High Authority and PR, but the page your link will be on does not have any Authority and PR, only Domain Authority. Links are posted in the blog's section of the Authority websites.
At the end you are getting a link from High Authority PR website, but the link does not passing a lot of "juice".
P.S. but thanks to CreativeLinks for great communication, he is always "will be there" if you have any questions/problems with your order.

Got my links. Amazing TAT, the quality of the article is the best I've seen yet, and for the price this will be my preferred vendor from now on.
Any bulk discounts?

Just got my link , The quality of the article was very very good and I also liked the live link that was posted looks great thanks again!!

report received, all link alive. good article. ready to reorder.

Great service with very high quality communication !!! Awesome 2 Links

report received, quick TAT. nice article.

I honestly wasn't expecting much. However I was mind-blown when reading the articles. The writers these guys have are simply awesome, I doubt the posts would get deleted.
Very happy customer here.

Really fast TAT on my order and of course everything is done as promised...I will order again for sure..Thanks a lot

Great service. Recommended for everyone.

I ordered a $14 post from CreativeLinks. It was delivered on time, and the article they wrote for me was actually good quality (which seems hard to find with most content vendors on BHW), plus it included a "follow" link from a good site in my niche. The post and link were up and live in the timeframe he said they would be.
I'm very pleased with the service!

Order delivered, article was very good quality and the site it was posted to was perfect thank you much! will be back for more!!

I received report, the links are placed on the exact sites in which I placed order, I will order more soon :)

So far everything is perfect. I have received 2 links on high quality websites , still waiting for one more on high authority.
I will definitely order more.

I ordered two links and I am happy with both. There was a formatting issue with one of the post but it was fixed within one day. I will be ordering again. :)

delivered this really fast on the site I wanted with a really well written article.

Just made my 4th order.
CreativeLinks has always been very professional to me. Great communication. A seller i trust.
I just order 2 links from premium site.
Made another one: ID 869519xxxx

the article quality was top notch and the links are added to the sites which i chose.very nice

Another order placed, I really enjoy this service and the quality of the content thank you!

CreativeLinks did a great job. The article looks natural and has native speaker quality. Communication was excellent. I can say that this is a top-notch service. Cheers

I am already witnessing some positive changes in my ranking. I have made another order for 2 links! Check your email.

Order completed.. Great quality work. And above all CreativeLinks is very helpful with anything and everything you ask to him. I m waiting to place more orders.

Received my article, quick turn around, links were as I wanted them, article was well written. Highly recommended and would purchase again

Received the 4 orders placed and very happy with quality and the sites chosen. Will order again. Thank you! Fast service too.

I just got my order and I'm very happy.He got a good list of sites to choose from and I will order again in the future for sure.

A few site have problems (as expected if you don't personally own the site) and this OP did a great job keeping up with the changes needed in my order. All good mate! THX!

Thank you so much for putting up my article on another site after the first one removed it. Great customer service and I would highly recommend everyone to order from OP.

I ordered 2 more links/articles from Creative Links. The turn around time was really fast, and so was his communication. I've used him a few times now, and I am starting to get a very good feeling about his customer service. I wish I could say the same about other providers here :(
For the money you pay, the articles are well done. No glaring grammar mistakes and the articles certainly aren't spun trash.
One of the authority sites had an issues with my link/content, and wouldn't accept it. Creative Links notified me right away and asked which site I wanted as a replacement. Imagine that, a vendor who proactively contacts you and is awaiting your response. It makes me think about another situation where I was waiting a week just to hear back from the vendor, let alone come to a resolution.
I will definitely be back for more.

I have used this service a ton and this dude never disappoints. I took the plunge and bought one of the premium links and it was WELL worth it. They have great communication and are super reliable. If you're looking for a solid foundation of authority links on tier one, then I highly recommend these guys.
Thanks again for the awesome link homeboy - I'll be ordering more

Well i will leave my little review. Normally i cant be arsed to leave a review as normally the work does nothing for me.
But i was pleasantly surprised here not only did op sit on skype with me while i checked through every site to make sure i was happy and didn't already have it he was polite and patient and trust me i was being a pain in the arse.
I purchased 5 smaller links and to bigger $159 range links work was top quality articles were bloody brilliant actually interesting... I built some contextual tier 2 to these links and my site jumped from #8 tp #2 so im a happy guy on a hard kw. Lots of huge brands in this niche oh and now me.
Thanks for you time op cant recommend you strongly enough.

I'm pleased with the quality here. Got the links from the two sites I needed and the articles and the articles were actually good. So good that I checked them in a plagiarism checker and they came up clean. Impressive job for a good price.

I got my link and I can say I am really pleased with it. I was actually concerned that OP will not be able to link back to my site since it is "made for amazon," but he said that it won`t be a problem. And now I have a do-follow link on a hugely authoritative website pointing back to me! Looking forward to seeing it get indexed and the effect it will have.
Will definitely be back for more!

Received my link, article quality was better than I was expecting. The article is niche relevent and on the niche relevent site I chose. Natural looking post on a decent DA site which will not take much work to make a more powerful link.

Received my order, High Quality posts, High Quality service.

Review time.
Got my order within the TOT, articles are long and well written ( not top notch but a strong 8/10 which for the price is really good) and have a few related images.
Overall- good service for the price, will buy again

Ordered very recently, great service, and fast turnaround. The articles were well written for the price. I will definitely be ordering again very soon! Thank you!

good guy to work with....provided me with support and he works fast....

Hey there!
This is my 2nd order from creativelinks.
Just ordered 3 new links: Your transaction ID for this payment is: 31U9******68492D.
Please confirm :)
Anyway, thanks for the first order. Great job, good article, good content and a little serp rise from that trial order :)

Quick Review...I received my first order today with no problems. Creative Links was super easy to work with and was able to complete my order as requested in a timely manner. Can't wait to see how well he is able to complete the second order I made.

Creative links did it again....great job. Fast delivery, quick communication, very pleased.

He did a great job on my previous 2 orders.
Here is my 3rd order: Order # XXXXXXX028522L

I got an email with my link - actually pretty happy with it ! Ordering more now :D

Creative had a link placed for me in (you can figure out this one). Five or six other OBLs in the content but I'm please with it. Saves a hell a lot of time over outreach. Cheaper than hiring a "white hat" SEO agency. I am slowly ordering more.
Wish I could find a reliable service like this that had smaller mommy bloggers as well (NOT on BHW marketplace).

Received my links. They are nice. We had a little inconvinience but Mr CreativeLinks solved me up well :p
looking forward to see the results of this service !

Ordered a few post and exactly as described.

Just got my report and i am happy nice links from quality websites. I got what i was promised so i am quite happy with this service...

Best Service. And fastest as described.. will purchase again.. :)

Just wanted to leave my feedback. I ordered around 14 links a couple of weeks ago and the delivery was as advertised within a reasonable TAT. I am placing another order right now.

I ordered 5 high authority links and got them today.
The links themselves were very good, with the targeted keyword as anchor on all 5 pages. The articles themselves were very good about 500 words each. I am sure from the quality of the articles they will stay live for a very long time if not forever.
Many of the links are on author blogs so ask for samples to see what you get.
We'll see how this affects SERPS but I can tell that if I did the more expensive options the links would have been too good to be true.
Great service- wouldn't recommend passing this up

Thank you so much creativelink for your quick delivery of my article. keep it up!

I received 4 live links from my last order, thanks.
I will submit new order soon.

Received my order and everything was A+

Great Service. Posts are clean and as they said. Links can help with breaking up your links. If you have only links from PN sites it's not going to look the best to google.

I got some minor issues with one $14 site, but the seller quickly provided me with a refund. I immediatelly placed another order for another site, no problems at all. Great communicationa and very easy to work with. Order with confidence, it`s one of the best here and will handle all the issues professionally.

Not had my report yet but was told it will be a 1-2 weeks. Communication has been excellent. Some amazing links in his updated list, a lot of them are out of my price range right now but if I see ranking increases then I'll slowly increase the links and reinvest into more links from this guy.
Ordered the other day, with trans ID ending 8622.

Ordered Number 2 on high quality website . My site shot from 11 to 1 . Very strong service . Will be ordering more to link up to my sites . Excellent service . Strongly recommend

I have worked with CreativeLinks for a while, and placed a few big orders with him.
At first we had a few teething issues, with sites no longer being available.
I was quickly given great replacements, and everything was discussed in detail over Skype.
Very good communication, good service, and top quality links.
Would definitely recommend.

OK had my report and link and as mentioned he'd been away for a few days. Really impressed , amazingly written and quality link.
I will be a repeat customer 100%.
Thanks again.

Finally get my order (Authority Site).
Article looks very professional, not a cheap article. Has a lot of nice photos, actually really good recommendations. Got a link with keyword.
Now lets see if it was worth the money. Keep update in 2 weeks if any movement with keyword.

Received my link within the tat. The quality of the article is great and I am happy with the service.
Going to place another order.

Got the Link, delivered what was promised. Thanks for everything !

Got my Authority link and very good article. Thanks
How the chances that Google can find out website that buying Authority and Premium links and punishment it?

Get Premium Site article from modestmoney (DA 53, PR4) with keyword and link to homepage. First article was rejected from editor and second one (more related to the topic) was published. Will keep updated if it will be any keyword movement. Currently keyword is on number 5 position. I really hope it was worth investment.

Got my article yesterday. Really good one. Took 2 mounts to published on lifehack

One of my orders is already delivered , very impressed by the delivery time ! Usually things take more time during the summer, good job OP !
Will be ordering more soon,

A post to a premium site is approved and go live. The post is well researched and in excellent quality. Engaging content that naturally link to my site with targeted keyword. The price is reasonable for the quality of the service.

this service is great. very good communication on Skype, and links are very good.

Order received. Thanks for the links. I will order again! :)

good and delivered report on time
going to order more

I ordered back in June and was pretty impressed ... Can you send me an updated list please?
Thanks ... Looking forward to doing more business with you again.

Ordered a link from the premium list and the link/article was delivered as promised. Link is do-follow and indexed by Google.

Wanted to pop in and post my review on the service. Overall, CreativeLinks had great communication and was able to publish on the site that I chose. TAT was about 1.5 weeks, from content creation to post, which was much faster than expected. I am very pleased with the work and plan to be working with CreativeLinks on upcoming projects.

He did a great job, he followed my recommendations and delivered, thanks!

Well done, thanks
Good contextual links for good price

Hi CreativeLinks,
Just make a payment: TID: 7DY18*****7005
I must say that I had a very good email conversation with CreativeLinks, he was very helpful and respond fast.
And now I am waiting for the result :)
Thanks You,

My first service from this seller. Service ordered 10.07.2017. delivered 16.07.2017. Article is indexed in the google (verified few minutes ago)
Article is informative and very well written. With my link in it ;)
Will order again.

I did a test bought 2 link (High Quality Sites) and here is my review:
The content looking great, very informative ( great content to my high CPC niche).
The Backlinks looks native in the text with my keyword in it very nice!
@CreativeLinks have great sites to choose from with nice range of prices!
I will order again very soon, highly recommended to any one that need a quality backlink with a great content to read !
I am very happy with the test that I did!

Excellent job done, very high quality content provided, fast delivery and will order more.

I purchased on authority website links. Very impressed.
Great website, excellent content, was able to approve it beforehand, and reasonably priced.
Have added this service to my list of recommended BSTs for all my clients.
More than happy to share this link with my client.

I requested a link list from this seller which was sent right away. Within less than 1 week of submitting my order, the live link was up on my chosen site (do-follow) with my chosen anchor text. Good communication throughout the process.

Got the link, excellent seller!

I ordered one authority link from OP and he sent me an article that was approximately 600-700 words. The article was decently written, although it could have benefited from some grammatical improvements. OP asked me for approval and if he should make any edits. After editing the article, OP told me that he would send me an email when the link went live and that was delivered 10 days later.
OP was clear with his communication, provided an opportunity to edit the article, and delivered within the time frame he said he would. I am happy with the purchase and would order again from him.
Great service, look forward to placing a much larger order!

Paid for 4 articles. 3 posted successfully. They had quite good text to begin with and my small suggested modifications to the texts were accepted. The 4th site I was warned had some problems and eventually I received a refund via a discount off my next order for the amount I paid.
2 or 3 weeks following publication I saw some improvements in SERPS. A good service and professional guy to deal with. I will make some more orders! Recommended to all!

After my good experience last time I placed an order for 7 more articles. Will update the thread on my experience in due course. :)

Good service. I have tried it. Now let s monitor that and see impacts

I ordered two links and they were delivered successfully. Will monitor results and maybe order more in future.
Thank you.

Another big order successfully completed with @CreativeLinks 8 new links live for my site! I'm going to keep ordering as this is a great service.

I cant thank this guys enough. They were super responsive and helpful. I will be doing a lot more business with you guys. Its refreshing to deal with people that get back to you timely.

got my link today, everything was really fast and comunication also excellent, 5 star service

Link delivered as promised, prices very reasonable and everything was completed quickly and smoothly.
Will order again!

I wanted to post a testimonial following a 3rd successful order with @CreativeLinks. Each of my orders has been for over $1,000 of links and each order has been executed perfectly, with a really quick turnaround time. I strongly recommend CreativeLinks to all BHW members!

Another order finished - order was on 08.06.2018. report delivered today 22.06.2018. Service was two links (~$200) from two real sites. Articles are OK, links placed naturally, first article has outgoing link toward wikipedia too, while second articles points only toward my site.
Nice service, will order again.

Excellent service! I've ordered about 10-15 articles from CreativeLinks and I've yet to find anyone else who can come close to the quality they provide. They always respond quickly, deliver the exact product requested and are all around great to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone looking.

Great service and delivered report on time
Going to order more soon

I bought a link on from him. This a genuine review from the heart below:
1) Delivered a Decent Article. At this price point very good. Probably for some other websites, I will send him an original one from my end.
2) Sent me the article for approval
3) Posted the backlink with anchor text given in a day's time
TAT: As promised - 2 Days

Rating - 5/5

WIR - 100%. This guy is genuinely very influential and has genuine connections with bloggers. He is an admin of some really big popular groups on Facebook. I know this not because he told me this but because I stumbled across his name in those groups which proves his authority.
Over all great communication. Looking forward to buy many more links from him.

Placed an order! xxxxxxxxxx64582A
So far very professional responses and looking forward to the result!

Just put in an order! Purchased at least 25+ links for over $2000. I'm stoked to see what kind of results I get! The owner has been insanely helpful in assisting me with my first order (I plan on def doing another) - from picking the right links to choosing anchor text and the URLs to my site.
Top notch service IMO. Will post a followup review when I see some results.

Followup - The article was uploaded to the website I selected. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks!

Just a quick review of the service which I have been using for a couple of months.
Honest reliable vendor, not the cheapest, delivers on his promises, wide selection, easy to contact and almost always available.

+1 ordered another article, has done everything ive asked him to do, even when I was a prick he was still polite back to me lol

Ordered 3 articles on sites:
They wrote the articles, I would recommend looking them over for English grammatical errors; spelling, sentence fluency etc...but the overall article was nicely written.
After I sent over the edited articles, they submitted them. And that was last Friday, this morning the final article went live so less than 1 week in total. Overall my experience was great, the articles were delivered as promised (indexed and contained backlinks to my personal website) and the pricing was right. I would highly recommend!

Amazing, links are perfect according to my requirement ! Many thanks for your service. I highly recommend for the quality links and clear report

I got my order today, it was done ultra fast and professional. Furthermore they delivered exactly as agreed and advertised here.
We are happy to recommend them to anyone, we already placed the next order with them.

My review:
Ordered about 11 links and while the turn around time wasn't too bad It was also partly my mistake because OP sends emails that for some reason went to my spam folder.
The articles were well written for the keyword / anchor i wanted
OP worked with me to change a few things that i needed.
Great stuff thanks for the links :)

I just received the link I ordered. Communication was really smooth, TAT was respected and the article is really fine. A+ seller.
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As a part of review, OP Provided a link from a site with PA-89 and DA - 91. Both verified and same.

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Send me the complete site list if possible. Also, any early bird discount?

Yes please send me the list of these websites
I'd like to see the list too. Thanks
Please pm me the site list, very interested in this
Please send me the site list too. Also if these can be niche targeted in this list that would be very beneficial. Thanks in advance

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Seems to be the best thread all in one
Best of luck with your sales

Are these links d0follow? If so, please PM me the news list please.
Thanks for you guys who have ordered. I am back and about to take orders. Thanks BB. I will send samples to all who requested here in few hours. Please post a reply here who want the samples, I will send to you too

Please send me some sample links.. I might be interested.. :)
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