7 Strengths of a Banking Application for Business. Big maneuvers of Small business.


Mar 24, 2017
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The heart of small business lies in maneuverability and rapid pace of work manner.
Many things are to implement on the go, so there is a high demand for mobile solution. But the banks are also interested in making clients’ business a little easier. To meet this commitment they are developing mobile applications which unbind basic bank operations from a stationary workstation. Further in this article we will analyze how this works in practice.

We have tried the solution with the help of a banking application. The main financial tasks that are most often faced by small businesses. To test the capabilities of a bank mobile application — just need to download it from the AppStore or Google Play. Directly in the application you can place an application for opening an account, and also the next day the courier brings documents for signing, after which access to finance is opened: as well as salary to employees. We enter login and password (the technology of Touch ID is supported) - and we are in business!

7 Strengths of a Banking Application for Business

  1. To claim an Invoice you may in a couple of clicks, and the accountant is no needed any more. For invoicing the next customer, you do not have to run an accounting program as in the application you can get a document for the counterpart and send it as a PDF file by e-mail.

  2. Account Statement? – Easily like A,B,C!
    You will easily receive an account statement that displays up-to-date information about the account status and cash flow. If necessary, you can send it yourself by e-mail in the required format (1C, PDF, excel, csv) - if your company uses any accounting software, online services or other accounting systems.

  3. It is clear where the money goes
    A simple financial analytics is available. It gives the entrepreneur the opportunity not to be distracted by the launch of desktop accounting software due to every trifle. You can see the history of every penny!

  4. Extra Convenient Payments
    Another important part is payment to counterparties, transfers to the budget and withdrawal of funds. These functions are usually collected in one menu item: it is enough to select the payer (if there are several of them), the type of payment (company, person or budget), fill in the details and confirm the operation using a one-time SMS code. If your company has the right to sign a few people (managers and accountants), they all must confirm the payment.

  5. Down With Typos When Entering Data From Paper Accounts
    There is a recognition of paper accounts in order to provide To provide the convenience for users - this is a very important function, since the need to input the endless numbers into the fields increases the probability of error and takes a lot of time. The program itself can select the necessary data and fill in the form fields for payment. Moreover, the application can also recognize files.

  6. Transfer From Account
    You can find such a banking application that attaches the corporate cards to the settlement account. You do can track transactions of these cards (your own or employee cards) can be in a special section. Transfer of funds, like other operations, is carried out in a couple of clicks.

  7. A Difficult Issue Is Solved Even At Deep Night
    Support works around the clock: at any time of the day or night, you can open a chat and ask the bank's employee questions about the service or the functions of the application. So any problem can be solved in one day, which is very important for a small business.
Many are afraid to start their own business or legalize their relationship with the state because of the legal and accounting difficulties. Fortunately, the progress of information technology can solve this problem for a long time – so you need to care about solely your business, and reduce the routine as much as possible.
Banking application will allow you to keep abreast of all financial transactions and actually manage your business - independently, anywhere and without the need to carry around the laptop everywhere.