65% Payout for music site in Ukraine

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by nenjak, May 21, 2010.

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    If you've been ripped off by Eastern European cheap music download sites like mp3fiesta affiliate program then have a look at wermp3()com affiliate program. I just chatted with them a sec ago (Pidgin OTR :cool:) and they told me they will be raising payouts to 65% :eek: to whomever signs up this month (May). Currently at 20-25%.

    Here are the links:

    With my affiliate referral link:

    Without my affiliate referral link:

    This is the best affiliate program I have ever been a part of. They always pay on time, they return emails the SAME day :eek: and always have these ridiculous promos that get awesome recurring sales. AND a 1 year cookie!!! I make more on daily recurring sales then new sales!! But dont take my word for it. Sign up and and find out for yourself. They helped me make my first $500. They will even chat with you, but only through Pidgin w/OTR.

    So even if you dont plan on pushing any music sites sign up anyways to get that 65% offer. You might use it in the future. This is an incredible affiliate program that should not be passed up.

    You can click either my link (that would be cool) or not.
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    Looks ok, even if their site isn't as polished as some I've seen. They payout in paypal as well which is a bonus, I'll gove it a try, thanks