600 keywords stuck on page-2. Need advices on some issues.

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    I have approx 140 articles on the website. Site is 2 years old. Right now, 600 keywords are ranking in page-2 but page-1 has small keywords
    (SEMRUSH SCREEN SHOT ATTACHED)and that too around 100. The goldmine is on 2 page. Following are my doubts:

    1.I built all the links on my home page only. Since, all the articles on listed on Home page, and only 1/3 of the articles are important. Is the remaining 2/3 articles diluting the links of home page to the important 1/3 articles.
    2/3 articles are not completely useless, though their search is low but together they make up a lot of TRAFFIC when put together.

    2. I have interlinked the articles but I followed no strategy while interlinking. I just ensured that each article is getting link from some random other article. Also, each article has link to home page and some high-authority website. Any changes here needed?

    3.Should I use Magic Submitter for building links to inner articles as right now they have none?If yes, would using used content for description or wikis harm?

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