60 Day Social Marketing Plan

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    General Work and Tips
    1. Keep up on posts, linkbait pieces (once a week linkbait) and heavily buzz linkbait
    while lightly buzzing daily posts that can stand on their own as good info sources.
    Standing on their own means they are not posts that mostly point to other sites to get a
    complete thought together. If the posts are solid, buzz them. If they are short ?utility? posts,
    skip the buzz.

    2. Buzz OTHER related stuff you find on each social news site so you never have just
    links to your own stuff in any social account. Fit into the communities you are using for buzz
    by voting for and commenting on other people?s work to avoid spam penalties or losing

    3. Research other social sites you can add to the list, especially any vertical sites. If
    your site is real estate oriented, for example, seek out real estate type social sites and get
    involved there. For example, you can setup Google alerts for an exact match of "real estate
    social" or something similar.

    4. Spend time each day working on new outlets to get links. Blog comments from
    Google Alerts and your list of other bloggers in your niche.

    5. Everyday you should be going into social communities and commenting a bit, joining
    groups, etc. to build up popularity on those sites for the client?s profile. Ex. Mybloglog,
    spicypage, mashable, etc.

    6. Once a week you should update remote blogs with new posts pointing to client?s
    linkbait pieces along with other relevant information. You are doing this as a ?3rd party?
    recommending a good post, not as the client with a remote blog. To dress up the post point
    to other blogs on that system with links if you find relevant bloggers on the remote sites to
    generate good will on those networks. 15-20 minutes per remote blog site is all you should

    7. Make sure you have SubmitYourArticle and PRWeb accounts set up as you have
    articles and releases to submit during the 60 day plan. (also EzineArticles account set up)

    8. If you get ahead, make sure you are going back to social sites and buzzing other
    news and filling the account with various other votes, comments and other things to protect
    each account from looking like a spam account. There's always work to do on web 2.0 sites
    from sprucing up current accounts, networking with people in each community to build your
    friends lists, to creating new accounts and researching niche-specific kinds of web 2.0 sites.

    9. If you have a new site and have that big workload of setting up the site, etc. make
    sure you get a little ahead on your other work so you can have a good block of time to get
    the new site set up. Take breaks and buzz current sites, make quick remote posts on blogs,
    get some trackbacks, etc. to keep something going for your site(s) each day.