6 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes and 1 That Really Matters

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    Hey guys, just wrote this on my blog and thought you may find it useful. I will put the link at the END of the article to avoid it looking like spam.

    Enticing readers of your content to ?like? your link on Facebook is more than getting them to click a button. Each time an individual does like an article, it gets shared and they use a small part of their ?social capital?. This social capital is what everyone has with their personal friends, but runs out when abused. Ever had a friend who put too many links on your wall and you stopped reading / watching their stuff? Your readers don?t want to be a schmuck like them.

    6 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes on Your Content

    If you have a blog post or a regular contribution, there are a few ways that you can entice readers to like your content and help propel it virally.

    Use inspiring / motivational images ? No matter what industry you are in or topic you are discussing, there are ways to find motivational or inspiring images for your content. The text of your article is important, but often images help to create a real emotional response. Of course, it works best if you place relevant images well in the article and you can over do it.

    Your voice matters ? Whether it is a popular view or an unpopular one, the worst thing that you can do is be on the fence with your readers. With your opinions and voice, they should either love or hate you. Loyal customers and clients that love you are worth a lot more than those willing to ?give you a try?. Don?t cater to what anyone else wants you to say ? be a man, god damnit.

    Ask for it ? If you ask for something and a reader says ?no?, then you are in the exact same position you were in when you started. Cultivate a sense of confidence and ask for the things that you want. Readers who have gone through your entire post obviously find what you?re saying to be relevant. Ask for a ?like? or share at the end of the post and many will oblige.

    Lists are great ? Psychologically, there is something about lists that makes people feel more connected and in-tune to what you are saying. Readers will appreciate your content a lot more if you can incorporate a list in it somewhere. It doesn?t have to be a huge list, a numbered list, or anything like that. Just break some piece up and offer it in list form.

    Don?t bombard your readers ? If you are passionate about your industry or subject, that?s great! Don?t make it a point of posting something new every single day. You are going to burn out your readers who want a small dose of *You* and no more. In the same way that people don?t want to wear out their welcome on Facebook by sharing articles all the time, you don?t want to upset your readers.

    The Way That Really Matters ? Value

    Aside from those five, there is a final one that is most important to me. If your content isn?t providing value, there is no bag of magic tricks that you can use to get more viral sharing.

    You need to provide value.

    The content industry churns a lot of poor quality work with little value to the readers, which can be fine in some circumstances. However, if you are looking for sharing or engagement with your content, it has to provide value. There are many ways to provide value:

    • Research a topic and bring new information into content
    • Use your voice and metaphors / experience to bring life to known content
    • Compile information into a new perspective
    • There are plenty more, but the point is to do make something awesome rather than copy something any of your readers could already find.

    No matter your industry or topic, you will benefit from more likes. You don?t even have to get traffic from the viral sharing ? the most important thing is that people find it valuable enough to share. Then you have done your job.

    (Link to the blog post: http://brainstormcontent.com/6-ways-get-facebook-likes-1-really-matters/ )
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