6 Tips on Accessibility and Usability

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    Matt?s optimization tips to make your blog or site accessible or usable to most of the users:

    1. Use Alt tags on your images as it makes big difference in search engines. Matt said there?s a blind guy at Google, who can?t see image but can read Alt tags (?). Don?t make him angry.
    2. You may use a full sentence in Alt tags but don?t overdo it or use irrelevant keywords like cheap-cheap-Viagra-online-mesothelioma-debt-consolidation-mortgage-payment. 7 to 8 words are fine but Matt prefers 3 up to 5 words.
    3. Do a podcast or video. Matt shared a valuable tip how to choose between podcast and video. Submit a picture of yourself to hotornot.com. If you got a rating of 7 and above, then do a video. Otherwise, podcast is more appropriate. Don?t just believe on what your mother has been saying to you.
    4. Use Wordpress for your blog and you?re guaranteed your site is crawlable. Default Wordpress install is almost optimal in terms of crawlability.
    5. Don?t use frame sets or other sorts of weird stuff as it don?t work well on iPhones and other cell phones or mobile phones or GSMs. Many people are now accessing sites on their phones.
    6. Show dates of the post because people wanna know when your post was created.
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