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6 part guide to building and ranking your first website from start to finish

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by davids355, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    Hope this is OK with mods/admins that I am just posting a summary here to include my 6 individual threads on my guide to building your first site.

    Just to save time on anyone that is looking for this info, or coming across one guide at a time, here is the entire guide.

    This should give anyone the tools and information that they need to build and rank a website completely from scratch - right from choosing a niche through to building backlinks and getting the site ranked and earning some cash.

    This guide is for anyone that wants to get started in IM and specifically SEO and if you follow the guide from start to finish you seriously cannot fail to be earning something from your site by the end of it.

    One serious thing to note though - do not skip any part of the guide and do not rush into it because you suddenly want to have your site up and running yesterday. Every part of this 6 part series is very important and if it takes you a week to read it all before you even touch a keyboard that is a good thing - because patience is the most important thing when it comes to SEO.

    Part 1: Picking your niche
    This is very important because it is really the foundation for everything that follows. If you find the wrong niche or you dont spend time thinking about it, or you go too specific or too broad then you can waste hours/days/weeks/months and end up with a crap website that isnt going anywhere.

    You want to find a niche that a) you can be passionate about and b) that there is a demand for and c) that is manageable in terms of its competitiveness.


    Part 2: Keyword research
    Similarly keyword research is also very important. Once you have your niche you need to find as much info as possible about that niche - all of the things people are searching for, where the most traffic is coming from and ultimately you want to build a big list of keywords that you can use when writing your sites content.

    This part is also extremely important for another reason - whilst you are doing keyword research you can find out TONNES of information about your niche, your competitors, the authorities and all of this information is invaluable throughout the later stages of your project.


    Part 3: Building your site (with SILO structure)
    See that - already half way through the guide before you even start thinking about the site build. That should tell you how much effort and research you should have put in before you even start to build your site. The more you put in before building, the better chance you have of success and the easier it will be from now onwards.

    Its important when building your site to think ahead - think about the structure of your site so that it is easy to build out and expand and also think about SILO structure so that it is clear to Google what your site is about throughout. Also, think about interlinking either in and around your SILOs or throughout your site depending on how you choose to build it.


    Part 4: Content creation
    This is where you really have to put some effort in. Content is super important and that is a fact. The better your content is the more likely you are to rank for your keywords and the more likely you are to STAY ranked once you get there.

    In addition, great and lengthy content helps you rank for additional longtail keywords and it encourages sharing of your site on social media and other platforms.


    Part 5: Onsite SEO for 2016
    This part of the guide will help you to optimize your site in terms of SEO. This includes everything from page structure through to semantic SEO.


    Part 6: Offsite SEO / Link-building
    This is where you promote your site and your content after everything else is done. This part of the guilde includes an overview of the ways that you can build links and traffic to your site.


    Further reading
    This is just my take on SEO and its pretty much an overview of what I have learned since starting my SEO/IM journey maybe 10 years ago.

    There is SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION on top of what I have written in my guides and a large part of it is on blackhatworld. After you read each of my guides you should have loads more questions and you can hopefully use those questions to find more useful posts on this forum.

    There are some great guides here that go into much more detail about the specifics that I have mentioned in my guides - you can find some detailed posts on wordpress install and setup, keyword density for onpage SEO, PBN setup and management and much more - just use the search button.
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  2. Fresh Money

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    May 14, 2016
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    Do't understand why nobody replied on this thread, but thank you for this summary! Looks like your other threads contain a lot of valuable information which could really help me get off with the site I'm building next month!
  3. AffiliateKingAM

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    Jun 10, 2017
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    Wow, Amazing threat. I will try your instruction.
  4. wfjcc

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    Mar 22, 2017
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    Great guide. Bookmarked for future reference!