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Very good movement for all the 3x36 blog post packages i've purchased. One site is almost ranked and other 2 are spiking in serp pretty fast. One of the keywords im chasing has 800k searches and already hit the first page. Since package was delivered few days ago i expect even better movement in the following week or two. Excellent job! Tnx a lot and will order more in future.






Hi Sarkar,

The first phase result was amazing, we have got good results using Sherlock package,and no doubt we would like to continue using your services with GALAXY PRIVATE NETWORK V5 , please continue with the same website and keyword from last order, just paid for order placed after Sherlock, Transaction ID: **********1953N

Great Results from my order! It's only been two weeks an my keywords have already started moving up pretty good.




Ive tried numerous techniques and services over the years in hopes of increasing my ranking with little to no improvement. Sarkars SEO works and ive climbed to the top of Google for my main keyword. What are you waiting for?




Everyone wants to get #1 Ranking in Google!

My dream comes true and Sarkar helped me to achieve this ranking using his few services.

Keyword 1 moved from No Where to #8
Keyword 2 moved from #85 to #1
Keyword 3 moved from #28 to #17

24/7 Support, Stunning Results!

A++++ Recommended.

(Sorry, I am not able to post the images here)




Good Job

Please do another magic for us!!

Thanks alot Sarkar for your great work, all the keywords that I have submitted have went up the ranking.
Here is a copy of my Keywords ranking going up. Thanks Sarkar


Sarkar has got my keyword to #1 after 3 months (along with some internal linking and blog posts by myself). Thanks alot mate!
I've just put in another order - transaction id 6JB55600YE087421B


You are simply the best bro! Thank you soooooo much for getting us on page one! We are position 9, and now climbing for both key words. You are simply awesome. I highly recommend Sarkar!!



New order 36 X Galaxy Network + Sherlock Holmes
Paypal order ending in #681X

You always amaze me bro! Every order so far I have seen positive movement and your links have helped me make a lot of money.
I also posted this in the Sherlock Holmes package but here's my keywords before ordering:
Keyword A: #24
Keyword B: #43
Keyword C: #28
Keyword D: NOT IN 100
Keyword E: NOT IN 100

I have no doubt you will do your best. I really look forward to seeing movement on these because I know they convert ;)

Thanks man!!!



Another Bulk Order Placed for 2 Sites.

Transaction ID: 4GV058921X5455013

Transaction ID: 0NG01740NX3566902

Get me ranked Sarkar. Expect lots of orders in Feb, 2019.

Getting consistent results while using Sarkar's Services!




Custom order placed through mail. Payment done via net banking.

Transaction ID: 05X58870GW928002Y Cheers

Order placed with Sarkar.

Hope to get good results.

Galaxy and Sherlock order ID:880D

Galaxy 36 Posts Ordered, Transaction ID: 8NJ04171EL764983F

I have given new details today for my order, Please make sure you use the new one only.


Top package Ordered, Transaction ID: 4UF665170R587340S


Another order placed. Thank you.
Transaction ID: *7303

purchase 36 blog post. LETS DO THIS!!!!

Sherlock + Galaxy

Hi, does this work for YouTube urls? Thanks!

Another Sherlock & Galaxy Combo Ordered.

Transaction ID : 4E778862HH028283J

Do your best Bro!

Do you accept Non English sites as well for Galaxy Network? what is TAT ? can i expect to get my Report?

Order placed for Sherlock Lions Mane and Galaxy blog posts

Transaction ID - 1SS787699G528714A

Bulk Order Placed, paid all together for multiple Services!

Transaction ID: xxxxxx57MC194933H

Can you pm me ?

Combo of Sherlock & Galaxy Ordered together.

Invoice #1025 paid.

just placed an order for top package waiting to see the magic ;)

placed an order and waiting results

Sherlock and Galaxy Ordered together, Paid using Btc. Hope things go as planned

Another combo of Sherlock & Galaxy!

Let’s rule google!


Everything is paid for transaction id : 8093L

Another set of orders placed for Galaxy and Sherlock package.

Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxxx45452G

Bulk Order Placed for 3 Services together.

Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXX6454

Ordered, Sherlock & Galaxy together.

Transaction ID: 0U90306878541791A

Please provide me partial report ASAP.

Another bunch of orders Placed with Sarkar.

Transaction ID: 0NG27073824118809

Ordered using the STRIKE coupon.

Transaction ID: 8HP447098L139212D

HI there! Order placed, ***572J

ordered, wait for results :)

Orders placed for Sherlock Lions Mane and Galaxy blog posts.
Transaction ID: XXXXXX698X585323F

Ordered galaxy along with Sarkar's other package captain jack sparrow. Transaction: #3344

Placed an order, thanks: trans id: 2G5370717B471894U

36 blog posts.
Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX7822

Placed my 1ste order:

Trans id:

Galaxy and Jack package

Ordered Another Galaxy, Transaction ID: 83788301EB676245A

Another Bulk Order Placed.

Transaction ID: 0VN27901A49257325

Transaction ID: 67A51040J03463536

Orders placed
Transaction ID: 1SF95278MY270813U

I have made a new order for a different page of the same site you did work on last. I would like different links if it is possible.

Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXX917040K


Is this safe for a money site? I won't get penalised by Google?

Order placed
Lions Mane
& Galaxy

Transaction ID: 96W9871251592370S

Another combo order placed with Sarkar.

Do your best!

Transaction ID: 3C5028801D370792V

Paid for more orders today for this month. Expecting great results Sarkar.

Order Placed for Non English Site!

Transaction ID: 51M10228B3323183D

Transaction ID - 19A347061D638314H

Lets see what happens

It;'s combination of few of his packages as well as some other link builders

will order

Order Placed for 36 posts. Payment by UPI #-----9185

Order Placed for top Package, Transaction ID: **********C8821202

Great discount, great seller. :)

I have placed order around 1 week, Is It possible to change the keywords now?

Another order of 40 links placed.

Order placed with sherlock.


I've been a customer for years. I'm not ranking that good right now after a few years. I was wondering if I purchase the same packages, will I get links from the same domains again?
Also, I'm thinking of ordering the whole combo, 36posts + sherlock holmes hacks + 30 posts on 007 network, and total is 370$, can you give me a special discount for being long time customer and ordering all at the same time? Thanks.

Bulk Order Placed, Transaction ID

Keep doing the top work Sarkar.

Hi can i have the best discount code ? want to try both your packages.

[VALENTINE Sale Is On] - Tire your finger out SHOPPING!
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Coupon Code - LOVE

(52% discount on 36 Posts Package and 30% discount on other packages)
Transaction ID: 8D254654DL316044S
PLease dripfeed my links and im hoping for best results

thanks you kindly confirm
Hey Sarkar,

Galaxy posts + Sherlock The Lion's Mane Ordered. Transaction ID: XXXXXXX769010F

Help me to get that Google rank ;-)
I have Paid for Bulk Order of Month of February few days ago!

Transaction ID: 5Y000745B5171921S

Sarkar moved up my Keyword to #2 Already.

I am expecting #1 this time ;)
If i were to choose one, which do you advise for a new website, your Sherlock vs Galaxy?

Do you advise what keywords to target? And projected traffic? I know traffic is beyond your control but just want to know so that I can make a better decision on which keywords to go for.
Another set of Orders placed. Transaction ID: 9RB39425DP704374D (Paid all together)

I am preparing details for 2 more orders. Do your best bro!
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