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I have been using Sarkar for years now, and with my perfect on-site SEO, along with this super juicy links and placements I am getting results like this:
Send him AWESOME sites, and you will get AWESOME results.. as i keep saying all these years.



Sarkar has amazing Job! One of my main keyword is moved to #1 now from #3.
Sarkar can rank non English sites as well, Period!




Amazing work on my previous order I made of 72 blog posts total and 2 lions mane packages, really fantastic results for these keywords I wasn't naturally ranking for. Sarkark was helping me on Skype with some on-page SEO, and that combined with the links was a klller combo. Sarkark is the best guy to purchase SEO from on BHW, I've been using him for years now.

I've just placed a bulk order Sark, Transaction ending in: 003Y





I came back on this page to confirm receipt of the latest reports of links and to leave an honest review about the effects of this SEO service for my website.

First, I want to say that I have received all the reports with all the links purchased and they are exactly as they are described in the sale page.

I didn't rush to come here to leave a review without getting solid results. That's why I first waited to see if this SEO service has a real effect on my site or not, and the results showed very clearly that it had a real effect on my website rankings on Google.

Also, all the articles was highly relevant to what those actions were, highly relevant and so many well-written words that formed a high-quality article.

Thus, Sarkar Ranked my Most competitive keyword into #1.

I have purchased Jack Sparrow and Galaxy packages together.

He seems to be online all the time at Skype for Support.

Highly Recommended.

I also attached an image below to get you an idea.

Thank you Sarkar for the great SEO services you offer here !!!

I'll come back next month to buy your SEO services again.

Thank you,


Use Sarkar's Galaxy when you get the Lions Mane....way better results!@@!





I work with Sarkar few months and he always delivers the best. Quality service, good prices and great support, he is always online and always ready to help you with keywords or answer any question. Few of my keywords moved to top 3, it is good result, and my next orders are on your way Sarkar! Combination of Rank Showman and Galaxy Network give great results!



Hi guys. Since ordering with Sarkark, we've seen some nice movements in keywords! One of them is on the front page now.

Thanks :)




Another order placed. Hoping to get great results as usual !!!




Bulk orders placed. Will update with results.

Ordered & payed with Bitcoin. Looking forward to seeing results.

Just ordered 36 high pr posts
Transaction ID: 603J
Second order in 2 days.
Looking forward to great results!

Have some competition I'd like to knock off the map after they knocked me off. Ordered biggest package blog posts and your other service. Look forward to seeing what you can do: Transaction ID: ****43449

ordered again xxxxxxxxxx18231H

paid xxxxxxx8943032051

Order Placed, Paid with BTC

Finally I have prepared the details of my Sherlock / Galaxy combo, Let's roll on Sarkar

Ordered 36
Transaction ending 3945E

Give me one example to get started

Just order this great service

I ordered the biggest blast package and this is is a part of it. I looks awesome and I can´t wait to see some results. Let´s dominate!

Just bought one of your 50% off 36 posts promos Transaction ID: xxxxx708630


order placed! Transaction 5135V

Just Placed an Order TR.ID 74S34504TU868274A

ANOTHER order for Sarkar and paid in full!

order 36 posts Transaction ID: ****6812SK393383C

Just ordered 36 blog post


Paypal transaction id - last 4 digits 1844

Ordered 36 blog posts
ID: **********165205J

Another Bulk Order Placed with Sarkar

placed my order with bitcoin today, waiting for completion, thanks.

Order made, lets test this puppy out!!

last 4 of tr id- 144M

made new order for 36 blog posts

Another Order Placed with Sarkar !

Ordered another one: xxxxxxx897264V

Another Order. Galaxy36+Lions!

Here is SNEAK Preview of the Network!


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I've ordered Galaxy package from Sarkar and is very fast and effective! Sarkar helped me to also clean my bad bls and adjust onsite seo!


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    Schermata 2018-05-01 alle 10.26.38.png
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I have placed multiple Orders with sarkar in last few months. Sarkar never disappoints me!

7 of my keywords are on Page 1 now. Even few keywords are on #1 Now!

I have worked with lots of SEO companies but I can say Sarkar is the Best!

Even he always respond in seconds! Amazing Support, Stunning Results!

You can expect more orders from my side for my 7 Sites soon.
ok, this is my 9th order from Sarkar Kumar. I run multiple websites and he helps me get ranked for most of them. He is my go to guy when I get new clients as he is effective and I then work on onpage and social media
Really pleased with my results from the top package by Sarkar. Seen another nice jump
up in the rankings on search engines and that’s created more sales for our business. Will be placing another shortly. Thanks
Update on my review:
Week passed after getting report. I am very happy with the results. One of my keywords moved to top 1, second to top 2, third shows not bad moving, but it is more competitive keyword and we need more time to get to top. Thank you Sarkar! You've done excellent work! Combination of rank showman and galaxy network give impressive results!
Hello there, what can i say, ordered two great packages from this guy,

very good communication and consulting level, helped me well and advised me with my website SEO,

FAST, high quality and for a good price.

I would surely work with him in the future, soon will order two more campaigns !!!

cheers and good luck with your business.

with Respect, Alex!
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