50th post! Plus a way to rotate ads and posts from your blog

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    Woot, my 50th post! I got something for you guys that wanna keep conversions low, it's a method for those that use wordpress, and brad's CPA-R

    Side Note.. Now I haven't used the double meta refresh generator, but I was told it has the ability to cycle through links before it picks one and sends it out, so I came up with this the other night.

    Side Note 2 mn stands for magic number with brad's CPA-R

    This will rotate between posts and ads, you'll understand as you read.

    With the CPA-R the one flaw I see with it is the referrer comes from the same post you make, this can be solved when using all yours posts directing to an Aff link, but then you gotta promote more than one AFF link to make the referrer look natural. There's a way around this.

    With the double meta refresh generator you can rotate between posts, so if we send traffic to the double meta refresh, and have our aff link on all the posts for that blog, it'll randonly pick one, then it'll go to the MN, and then send the user to the offer.

    This makes it look more natural to the networks, now your clicks aren't coming from one single post, they're being cycled, and this takes out the work of having to promote all the mn links.

    One meta refresh is good, two is even better.

    Let's say for example, you have
    Blog A > promoting offer 1
    Blog B > promoting offer 2
    Blog C > promoting offer 3
    and so on

    If we use the double meta refresh, we can cycle between these blogs.....ultimately cycling through different offers each blog promotes...Keep in mind the entire time writing this, this assumes one blog promotes only one offer.

    Double Meta Refresh cycles these blogs, picks one, and that gets sent to the about page, it gets sent here since most preset template blogs have an about page already....the about page has a MN that gets sent to the second double meta refresh, this is the one we talked about earlier, (the one that cycles through your blog posts) and then goes to the offer.

    These are just ways to rotate ads, and rotate posts, I hope they're clear methods, these use wordpress, brad's CPA-R, and the double meta refresh generator.

    The protection is awesome if your ever worried about leaking the referrer, there's 100% no chance of that happening here.

    There is a way to use one meta refresh to rotate ads and posts, but I don't think it's as good as described above....This would require inputting all your mn post links from every blog you have into the generator once, but I don't feel it's as clean, and it's a lot more the generator has to cycle through.

    I usually keep my wordpress blogs that promote an offer at 5 posts, then I move on to the next blog and the next offer.

    I have yet to incorporate this method of rotating, but it's pretty solid I feel, just an extra hoop to go through with the use of 2 double meta refreshes.

    Wonder what you can do with 3, lol

    Now the method.
    With this method of rotating you can either batch your blogs up, so that they're promoting the same kind of offer, like a dating offer. Or you can still batch them together with random offers, you have to adjust your marketing accordingly since you don't know what offer they're going to be sent to.

    If your doing dating, batch together your dating blogs in the first double meta refresh, and your blogs will rotate between the offers. The user's are being sent to a dating offer off of whatever network, or multiple networks.

    If your going to randomize it, then you can go with incentive marketing, and have the user complete whatever offer they land on for whatever it is you decide to use as an incentive.

    This method of rotating works from both angles, I hope this heps someone, and as always if you found this helpful, please hit thanks!