May 19, 2020
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Hi there ..

As I Mention on The Title ( 5000 BTC And Old Gold Accounts mistery )
I Want To share With You Guys A Secret Of My Old Email " " since 2005
yo Friends It`s been Long Time Not signed in to My Email .. these days I Wanted To Try Access to It After Long time Maybe 10 years Ago ..

I remember the Password And All The neccesery Informations .. This Email I Was Registred in with 5000 BTC And Lot Of Lots And Old Logins on Diffrent Platforms..

I Still remember That i made 5000 Btc When I Thought it was just a pieces of Shit but now everybody Knows That Shit What Become ..
Ok Now I Tried To sign in to that email but hotmail said :

Help us secure your account
We have detected unusual activity on your Microsoft account [email protected], or believe your credentials are at risk.
For your security and to ensure only you have access to your account, we will ask you to verify your identity and change your password.

So after This They Ask about Last Emails I contacted and Such things but Really I forgot about those Informations ( Last Email , Emails .. )

The Mistery is How Can I Recover My Email Because Even When I contact em They don`t Help They even Didn`t Answere on any of my emails ..

If Any One Here Could Help Me To Recoveer That Email I Will Give Away 20% Of All Lots ..

Sorry For my Bad English ;) I Hope If Any One Could Help Advice Or Any Opinion To PM me Or Just A Comment here Will be Too Glad ..

Thanks for your time Reading this :) Stay safe then Have A Great Day


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Jul 7, 2019
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What you can do is none, forget about it and accept the fact that it cant be recovered. They wont help you on anythinig regarding that same issued i had with email providers