500$ To invest, but in what?

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    Well i want to invest 500$ in something i can earn back like a HQ,unsaturated and auto-pilot money making method.Or in a good SEO guide that can rank my sites after Penguin.Any good advice's?

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    You won't be able to get anything on 'auto pilot' with $500... if anybody tells you, he's actually scamming you. Honestly spoken one of the best way to take if you're planning to upscale soon is to invest in some good guides (no guru staff) regarding affiliate marketing on social media advertising. You won't be able to go far with a $500 budget, but at least you should get a reasonable basic knowledge which you can improve in later testing. There are a shitload of free guides / blogs around as well and a couple of paid ebooks which really do well in terms of helping you to take first steps into AM.

    Realistically spoken, no matter what advertising platform you're going to test (in case you really want to test it), you'll need at least a budget of $1500-$3500 to get reasonable data out of your tests. That's a very short calculation obviously as in the beginning, you'll do mistakes and pay for them. That's not the problem as long as you learn from them. Take it as an investment with a delayed ROI.

    For a possibility to fund such a venture, try to work on sites like odesk / microworkers in an area you're good at. Example is content writing / manual property creation for seo guys and stuff. Investing your $500 into a journey without being financially backed up will result in a pure fail and not bring you anywhere imo.