50 iphone 5 usb data cables for sale USA DROPPSHIPPER ALL CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES..PICS!

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    Greetings ebay sellers, Amazon sellers, Website owners, Entreprenuers,

    Here for sale is 50 iphone 5 usb cables. Price is $70.00 Flat. Pay your own shipping. Which would be no more than 3.00 usd in usa. Paypal Accepted :cool: Will ship out within the same hour receiving payment. I have all my paypal info, emails, skype etc linked to my phone. Will get the notification ive been paid and will ruun to the post office...

    I can supply all cell phone accessories, Iphone, samsung, YOu name it. I can dropship as well. Heres an idea. Take all 50 cables. Sell them for 5.00 per unit. Earn 250 usd from the 70 usd you invested. Easy Math...

    Add me on skype: kingj2432

    not sure if you can see the date on the picture. November 24th, 2013 but if you zoom in maybe you can....Thats the chicago tribune.

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