50 euro reward: need someone with experience in Instagram automation


Aug 9, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I'm needing someone to guide me through the process of Instagram automation.

I already have lots of experience using normal Instagram tools. I wanna learn more about
- how to set up Jarvee with VPS and proxies all working and fine, so 10+ Instagram accounts can follow other pages without getting Action Blocked or temporarily banned. I want it all 'safe' not agressive and I want to follow as many people per day possible in a safe method. It needs to run 24/7 with maximum growth in followers. I need the most information about how to set it up to follow more people each day and how to increase that amount per week. Also I wanna learn more most about what VPS is or how it works. I will pay for it all myself

I am willing to pay 50 euros, or $56 to the person who will explain me and call with me in Discord to teach me about it: this is a one- time explanation and I don't need monthly or more hours. Just once. Im not paying more than 50 euros.