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5 Year Challenge

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by moose88, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. moose88

    moose88 Newbie

    Apr 27, 2009
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    yeah thats right! forget the 30 day challenge, im in this for the long run haha!!!

    Basically like every other journey blog that gets posted here, It starts of with a disgruntled 9-5er, who hates his job, hates his life and needs to change things asap.

    Im 24 now, and my goal is to live comfortably (on mostly autopilot) by the time im 30 years old..

    Ive attempted to do the whole work from home thing several times before and even quit my job once or twice because of it, but I always end up losing hope and inspiration, because in this world there is just too much information to take in and its hard to know where to start... so anyways im approaching this from a different angle this time,

    each time before Ive quit work Ive tried to learn web design and not even tried to make money online, and ill end up learning a few basic coding languages, then i get bored as hell and basically quit and find another job...

    this time ive decided screw the whole web design thing, its boring and tedious... my plan now is to just start random projects, and for each month gradually increase my earnings by starting new projects and paying other people to do the web design... the reason why i dont feel so de-motivated and hopeless this time is, because ive decided im willing to wait 5 years and give it all ive got, the maximum time ive spent on this in the past was 6 months, but this time round, im working full time, and doing this stuff in my spare time, and hopefully gradually increasing my online earnings.

    My journey begins December the 1st, my goal is to make £10 from SEO for the month of december. (so far for November ive made about £4.70 from my youtube channel, i havent uploaded anything, this is just from my past videos)

    My plan for december is to upload 3 youtube videos, one of my videos went semi-viral the other month and it get about 40k views, and i made about £60 from it, so if i try to make some of these viral vids in december, I should easily meet my goal of £10 for the month, and in my spare time my goal is to learn the basics of SEO... for 1 month, thats not really that much work I guess, but like i said, unlike before im not trying to drown myself too quickly in the SEO world.

    Projects started so far =
    http://www.watchwhenhigh.net (long term white hat project, made about 3p through adsense so far &started this about a month ago, spent $40 on theme)
    my youtube... making me about £5 a month if i dont upload anything
    offline shisha project = still in conception (no specific details apart from the money ive made from this will be given, as I believe Ive hit on to something here and dont want to share specifics)
    online shisha project = still in discussion with the wholesaler (again only profits made will be shared in this)

    so yeh, thats it for now, im off to work :(