5 Steps to making a Full-Time income Online


Nov 7, 2008
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There's thousands of ebooks and courses out there that teach you hundreds of thousands of different things. When push comes to shove, you only need 2 things to make money on the internet. Those two things are traffic and a way to monetize that traffic. Really it all comes down to that.

I've recently transformed my life with Black Hat World, and decided to share... Here are the 5 steps I use:

1. Pick a niche (something you know and something your good at)

2. Create a squeeze page (asks for an opt-in)

3. Drive traffic to the squeeze page (I use article marketing exclusively (Digg / E-Zine / & AC) and it drives thousands of visitors weekly when done right)

4. Ask your subscribers what they need help with (Ask 'what is your biggest hurdle or problem)

5. Create a product funnel around the answers that you get.

Let's say you are in the Guitar Playing niche and you are going to teach people how to play guitar. If you have a list of, lets say, 500 people and you ask that question and 100 people respond and say 'I really can't figure out how to correctly tune my guitar'.

Then you go and create a product funnel that teaches people how to correctly tune a guitar, do you think your list will buy it? Of course they will, and they do it in droves!

You can 'target' your traffic as much as you want but everyone likes different things. Until you actually ASK your visitor what they want, you'll never know.
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