5 sites I have to liquidate [Need advice]

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by kyhass, Jul 19, 2011.

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    my job is to do whatever I want whenever I want
    so i have 5 sites that are up and running and custom wordpress
    they use a premium amazon plugin.

    The site are in a variety of niches and I pretty much just built them and didn't do much else. they are indexed and thats about it.

    now normally id sell these on flippa but in this case i need to profit like $55 each site. the problem is that the budget for this project is tapped and i dont want to "borrow" from other projects to get out from under them.they would go for about 50 a pop on flippa but the $20 to list them cuts deep in the profit margin.

    so listing on flippa is a no go because of the potential cut in the profit margin and the time frame in which i need to get these sold ( need to have them gone in the next 24 hours because a limited opportunity opened up and the window to get in is in the next 24 hours)

    so my question is where can i sell these sites or list them for free or next to nothing and get them sold.

    my DP account is banned (long story ) until october

    so any help you guys can spit at me would be awesome