5 Simple Tips That Can Increase Conversions by 10% or More

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    [​IMG]While must seo?s focus on driving mass amount of traffic from search engine and google search they seem to always leave one piece of the puzzle out that can mean the difference between profiting from there business are going out of business. When I first started out my first web base business promoting a paid membership forum. The first thing that really came to my mind as a 13 year old, was if I am able to drive at least 50k users to my website I would be banking. But I was so wrong. I strongly believed that its not the amount of traffic a person is able to get to their website, but its how well there can convert a user that users.
    So that?s been said here are 5 simply tips that can increase conversion by 10% or more.
    1. Arranging your pricing chart

    Psychologically, when people see your pricing, no matter what you charge, they are going to feel it is expensive. Due to this you always want to show your most expensive plans on the left and the cheapest ones on the right. That way when they keep reading the price, they?ll feel your rates are much cheaper because the first price point will always be a shocker.

    2. Offering 1$ Trial Except Of Free Trial

    Except of offering your users a free trial to try or use your service, what you should be doing is offering your user a 1$ trial to use your service for a certain amount time. and here is why, One of the recent case studies I done show that when you offer a 1$ trial except of a free trial. the users tend to stay for long term. and there tend to be less refunds for your service. Thus creating less stress and creating more profit an long run. A recent study done on Aweber show that the users who use there 1$ trial to use there service. happen to be very happy with there service, since there use 1$ of there own money to get into there service, thus far creating more gratitude and more appreciation for aweber marketing solution
    3. Less Is More

    The average person has an attention span less than 8 seconds. that been said the longer your landing page, the long the text the lesser you will have the chance to retain that visitor thus far making the visitor leave! Shortening your landing page will increase the retention rate of your page by closely 6% .
    4. Guiding The Users Where To Look

    When it come to guiding the users that visit your landing page. the best way to control how the user interact with your landing page is to guide the users with symbols or pictures. As you can the placement of me an cartoon form, pointing both he?s hand to the right show the user where to look and thus far, having a higher chance to play the video.
    5. Adding an video to your landing page

    Neil patel over at crazy egg decided he would try adding an explanier video that can describe he?s service within a short amount of time using an explainer video, the results was short to amazing. what Happen was the video itself increase crazy egg conversion but 48% . The reason why the video did so well, its all go back to the human average attention span of less than 8 seconds. that mean most of your visitors not reading your landing page, they rather listen to a video to get inform about your service or product.
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    Thanks for that matey!! Very useful info
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    OP, everything you mentioned is quite effective.

    But it surely can't match my strategy http://subliminalmanipulation.blogspot.ro/2010/10/introduction-subliminal-perception-is.html

    If you don't have preconceptions and you're a bit good with Photoshop, you're set for a very big surprise. Not to mention that once you master the info from that link and apply it in Media Buying.. things starts to get really "intense".

    However, what I'm talking about is on a whole new level.