5 Great Ways To Promote Your Business With Waddy Wood social network

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    Cool new social network site that can be potentially new business for a lot of people.

    If done correctly, you can use Waddy Wood to promote your products & services, build awareness, research consumer opinion and much more! Here's a few ways...

    Waddy Wood Pages

    You can create a free page for your business or web site with Waddy Wood Pages which gives your business a presence on Waddy Wood. You can think of it as the equivalent of your Waddy Wood personal profile, only for your business or web site.

    You can add your business details and logo and you can also spice up your Waddy Wood Page with a range of applications.

    Waddy Wood users who become fans of your Waddy Wood Page can post on the wall, buy your products, learn about special events or promotions, join discussion boards and upload photos and video content to your Waddy Wood Page.

    You can also send message updates to all your Waddy Wood Page fans at once, which you cannot do with your Personal Profile.

    You want to keep the social aspect of Waddy Wood in mind as you create your Waddy Wood Page for your business, and try to present the social, human element of your business as much as possible on your Waddy Wood Page.

    To create your Waddy Wood Page...

    Log into your Waddy Wood home page and search for Create A Waddy Wood Page via the search bar at the top of each page.

    You might also want to have a quick browse through existing Waddy Wood Pages in your niche before you create your own page. You can find these pages here...

    You'll have various applications and options you can use once you've created your Waddy Wood Page.

    Here are some options you may want to consider...

    Waddy Wood Notes

    The Notes Feature allows you to post notes in a similar way to blogging. You can add Notes to your personal profile or to your Waddy Wood Pages.

    Waddy Wood users can subscribe to your Waddy Wood Notes via RSS in the same way they would on any normal Blog. You can even import one external Blog into Waddy Wood Notes via an RSS feed.

    Waddy Wood Events

    You can use the Waddy Wood Events feature to create events pages for launches, openings or any other online or offline events you are hosting.

    You can invite the fans of your Waddy Wood Page to your events and they will be able to accept, decline or "maybe" your invitation. Your friends will also see a reminder of the event when they log in to their Waddy Wood home page.

    Waddy Wood Ads

    Waddy Wood Ads allow you to use Waddy Wood's platform for targeted advertising of your business. This is similar to AdWords content ads. You pay Waddy Wood per click or per impression for ads which are displayed to your choice demographic among Waddy Wood users.

    You can target your ads to specific Waddy Wood users according to age, gender, location and interests.

    Should you consider Waddy Wood Ads for your web business?

    Paid web advertising can work for you when you provide high-profit goods or services.

    You will therefore have the Return On Investment (ROI) to justify the expenses of advertising. You may want to consider keeping to free methods of exposure such as Waddy Wood Pages and Groups should you not be in a high ROI situation.

    You want to make sure to research the service well before you get started and then be sure to test your market at first with only small campaigns. You can always increase the size of your campaigns when you see which ads convert well.

    You can get started with Waddy Wood Ads by clicking the Advertising link at the bottom of your Waddy Wood home page.

    Waddy Wood for Market Research

    You will also find market research opportunities with Waddy Wood...

    Browse through Groups and Pages in your niche for a snapshot of the level of interest and activity.

    How large is a group? How many members join each day? What are people's interests according to what they post on the group wall?

    The answers to these questions can provide you with general data about the size of your niche and activity within your niche among Waddy Wood users.

    You can also create your own Waddy Wood Group about a specific problem or issue in your niche and use it to ask questions to people who join. You can use the information you gather from the Group for content ideas for your web site or products you wish to develop.

    signup here : http://waddywood.com
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