4Months to 1'000$/Month Time & Location Freedom w/Fiverr [Journey]

Don't want to give out my niche but there's no custom work involved! The gigs are simply delivering files.
Right now I have a bunch of 5$ gigs to build up my reviews.

Once I get to 200+ reviews, I will take them all out and only offer high end services like seo or web design related.

The goal is to make $1'000 a month or more but I don't want to waste a bunch of time to make that. I want to make that passively. Right now the biggest enemy other than not enough sales is people asking questions for cheaper orders. I plan to make big FAQ sections on each gig + only sell high quality high price stuff so when I do get a question, it's not for just for a $5-$20 product
Little update today; Got back my level 1 and now I already qualify for level 2! ..wich I will get it on the 15th next month if my stats don't go down

Right now I'm working to add more value to a $10 gig, I want to turn it into a $95 + gig

The strategy now is to increase the value and price in each gig, increase the number of gigs. This way I will get more exposure, and if there are questions wich is the main time waster, then questions will be a lot more worthwhile to answer since a sale will be for more $$.

Also got into some order disputes with $5 gigs. I want to avoid these types of crowds of people that have no money and are nothing but trouble.

Once I finish working on that upsell for the $10 gig I was talking about, I will post an update to let you guys know how it does
I'm extremely happy right now as I got some momentum going. The response rate, order completion and On-time delivery stats have all gone up to 100% , 97% and 100%. This seems to have taken my gigs out of the "fiverr sandbox". One gig popped to the third spot of the first page whereas it was last place on page 4. Another one went to the middle of page 1 and I hadn't seen it there for a long time!

I am making an effort now to also take my response time from 6 hours to 1. I have downloaded the fiverr app on my iphone and turned on the notifications. Will go to the apple store tomorrow to learn how I can download pdf files on my iphone so I can deliver the gigs right away when I'm on the go.

Should reach level 2 seller again on the 15th as I meet all requirements.
No new gigs added for now. Working on expanding a $10 gig to a $195 or higher option.
Going from level 1 to level 2 means I will be able to display 20 gigs instead of 10. I want to use that and create 10 more rephrased/reworded versions of current gigs in order to get more search exposure, views and clicks.

I haven't become the super productive and consistent person that I want to be but that is about to change. I read somewhere that that brain is meant to have ideas, not hold information like a 20 tab web browser would. By closing all those tabs from your brain you become super productive and get things done. So here's what I did;

✔Bought a calendar to mark off complete my daily objectives
✔Got some post it notes to write down my daily tasks
✔Bought a notepad to write down stuff on instead of using the laptop which can be distracting

I have also noticed that I've been attracting too many cheap/problem customers lately. I will edit/reword my fiverr profile, messages, and all material to position myself higher and attract higher paying customers, and also repell the cheap ones that cause trouble. I will also raise prices across the board.

I would much rather have fewer high price buyers than a bunch of low paying ones that want the world for free!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I want to reach my 1k a month objective by the end of this month!!

CONGRATS !!! I will hopefully reach 1k a month this year as well, it has always been dream of mine. I need about 3k to "live" in norway, but 1k would help a lot! Good job man. Will try fiverr aswell when I travel
CONGRATS !!! I will hopefully reach 1k a month this year as well, it has always been dream of mine. I need about 3k to "live" in norway, but 1k would help a lot! Good job man. Will try fiverr aswell when I travel

Thanks for following the journey, I am following yours as well! 1K a year is like the bare minimum living I know. I am not trying to get rich right away, I'm just trying to become financially independent and get out of the trading time for money equation asap

I am just trying to put myself in a great position to make some real money asap. Because if I'm not working a day job monday-friday that means I can talk/sell to business owners, answer the phone, or just work on more online projects and other systems that will make money without my time
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