4k in 2 months?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Just-J, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Hi guys,
    Here's the deal. This was my last year at school and I spent quite some time studying and I had to leave IM away(and I didn't really do much of it in the past..). So now since the real holidays for me have started I have quite a lot of free time on my hands. I was thinking that I should try to earn money for the university fees. All in all i have around 2.5 months to earn about 4k, I can spend up to 12 hours a day working, time is not a problem. The problem is that I got really overwhelmed by all the information and I got lost, I don't know which method would be safe to start, so probably I am afraid to try it out.

    Basically I am asking your advice what direction should I take? I'm not asking what method to choose, only what direction should I take that I wouldn't get burnt... Oh and preferably what would not require dealing with proxies, because I don't have the money to invest in buying them and searching for free ones... well it takes a heck load of time.

    Hopefully I will turn this thread into a journal... a journal of success, that is :D

    Thanks in advance :D
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    Safest way, which does not require proxies and will make you money is article marketing. But the problem is you will need more than 2 months to make 4k and you need excelent English. If you are consistent in you efforts you can expect good return in 6-8 months. It is possible that you make good money in 3 months but not very likely especially if you are new to this. If you want fast money you need proxies and you must risk with blackhat methods. BTW 2 months is pretty fast for new project.
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    these 2.5 months may take for trial and error untill you do not get something working or you hit the jackpot. 4k in 2.5 months is very hard for a newbie.