40k Job leads! Yours for the taking!

Count me in

tip: if you are running a program but it isn't going as fast as you'd like, right click on the process in the task manager and set the priority to higher than it is at
Thats pretty cool/generous man. Pick someone who knows what hes doing!
I guess no one else is interested in this? So I will pick a winner Friday night and end this thread.
Hey Cybertron!

I have a great Home based opportunity to Share With Those 40K+ Job leads ;) I'm very sure It will work out great! My Important Tip To the Newbies starting out here- You need start out small then work your way up to the top! just remember One things for sure,ACTION is the most important thing! One day you'll then get a chance to blast a list and have Great results or maybe something better! Pick me Cyber!

P.S thanks for the chance
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I'd love to take the leads! These sorts of leads have so many uses- Here are some ways to monetize-

Biz Opp offers
1st page job lead offers
edu offers
grant offers
payday loans
credit cards
gift card email submits
resume services
drive all the traffic to your squeeze page to get the opt in, then forward them onto an offer page after they opt in to achieve best of both worlds :) Easily done with aWeber and can even get the 1 month trial for $1, more than enough time to get your opt ins and blast a bunch of offers.

@ OP- At least if I get them you know I will put them to good use!
Hey Thanks so much Cybertron!!! just spoke with him on aim and he delivered leads as promised, sweet. they are all in a gmx email account, emails that were sent so now I have their address, having trouble extracting them into a txt file, the first person to tell me how to do this I will give you all the 44k job leads in exactly one week, this is only for the first person so pm me if you know how, thanks again Cybertron


Hey It will work Better If you Extract them into An Excel File instead of A txt file! Should work hopefully with no problems ;)
Nice spin and a great share! I knew I selected the right guy! Congrats again
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Africanpresident, being african and trying to make some moola definately deserves these leads...

will be happy to bag these 44K leads if you pick me up on Sunday. YES I CAN!


well just discovered that they are gone....after posting. Congs to Revenge101 then
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