-40 Google Penalty?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by kallen, May 21, 2011.

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    Ok, this is getting frustrating now and I'm hoping maybe someone else has had this and found a fix. Only references I can find to a minus 40 penalty are ancient 2006 stuff, and some seem to think it doesn't exist, but it definitely does!

    Ok, I got a 3 sites with this at the moment, and its been for a couple months so far on 1 of them (a week or so after the Panda update it got hit)

    Site 1: I have a 2 year old site and someone stole my content and plastered it all over article directories. I found the person and got his affiliate accounts banned, which caused him to stop. Then I went back and rewrote all the content... Still has not helped. So I waited another couple of weeks and started dripping out more links (it has more than enough already, but just trying to stir google up a little). I diversified my BL profile adding unique quality articles, bookmarks, web 2.0's and varied the anchor text. Still no help... well, it did push some things CLOSER to #41, but nothing seems to be able to get past this position... EXCEPT if I google my domain name (including the .com I'm at #1 (which goes against conventional wisdom of a "MINUS" type penalty) At this point I feel like I should have just abandoned this site and put all that new content I wrote onto a brand new domain.

    Site 2: This is a fairly new domain targeting about 20 keywords, and just about the time 1/2 the stuff is ranking on page 1, BAM it gets thrown back to page 9 or worse. BUt, here's the thing, I made a duplicate of this website and intended to re-write all the content but somehow forgot I hadn't done that already before I started backlinking it. (We will call this SITE 3) It was about a week after I built the new site that this happened. Meanwhile the new site with the 'stolen content' got all the way to the front page, sat there for a couple days then got slapped with the same minus 40 that SITE 1 has.

    So here's what I'm wondering... all of the above sites are on different hosting, and SITE 1 is a completely different niche. However, the backlink schema is about the same for all sites. Mostly consisting of profile backlinks, but before we blame it all on that I would like to say I have over 10 sites that I use these same backlink methods on, and same sites too (which is why I always use a variety of hosting and niches).

    Now, I will admit that its possible I built links too fast on site 2 & site 3, and ALL sites have had some issues with dupe content in different forms. Having spent a week re-writing the content for site 1 and it not helping I cant decide if I should rewrite the content on the other 2 sites or not or if I should just delete all the content on either site 2 or site 3 and then just let 1 of them sit there and build out a whole new domain with new content.

    Anybody care to chime in with an educated opinion? What the hell does it take to recover from this type of penalty? oh, and Site 1 does have webmaster tools on it, and WMT shows no problems at all. The other 2 sites I didn't even put WMT on it.