$40, aprox 1 1/2 hours of work, needs to be done in 5 hours from now

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    Job back on because xzibit can't handle his own life. The next person who contacts me to take this job and says they can do it in the given time frame and then has other things turn up / tells me their computer crashed or any other shit like that will get a negative reputation and a negative itrader, you have been warned, I don't take people that waste my time lightly.

    For everyone else. The job needs to be completed within the next 5ish hours. If its an hour earlier or later it won't matter.

    The url of the website is www dot diamonddrinks dot de

    What needs to be done:

    Change all the fonts to a font that is similar to the one of the logo (the one that says diamonddrinks in gold, don't colour the font gold just keep the font style, you know what I mean).
    Make the font size a bit bigger than what it is at the moment.

    That's for all files.

    Then to the file that is called sortiment:

    I will attach a word file called Sortiment. I will colour the major headlines in Red. Those are to be made as buttons in the html file. When the buttons are clicked the things that are typed below them are to expand. For example have Spirtuosen as a button and then when clicked it expands to all the files with Wodka, Whiskey etc. Make it all nice looking and in the same font as the logo (as mentioned above). << Does not need to be buttons just need the major headlines to be clickable so that all products unfold. Simple php or java will do the trick.

    Then to the page called Exklusive Pakete, add a picture about whiskey next to the whiskey package, one of vodka next to the wodka package, chamapagne (moet would be the best) next to the champagne package and a package of a 3,0 l bottle Smirnoff next to the XXL Package. Try to use pictures of products that are listed in the sortiment file.

    That's all. I need that as fast as possible please.
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    I can do it... RIGHT NOW

    send me a message on aol prilibriator

    i'm ready asap, so send me the files and i'll do it exactly as needed

    edit: its 8am now... i'll be around until about 12:30pm
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