4 Man Team to Make Revenue

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    4 Man Team to Make Revenue

    This is not the be all and end all of making money methods with a team ? but it has worked for me several times over the years! Plus it?s tight and compact.

    ? First up the Team Leader he can wear any of the work hats ? but someone has to lead and manage to keep all the work modules on track. Note again he wears two hats example he might be the SEO guy and the Team Leader or the Coder and TL et al

    ? The Team are all either locked in partners ? sub contract ? or other commercial tie up that suits to get the work done in harmony wherein all earn agreed percentages of the revenue streams or some other suitable monetary payment deal

    The Team Roles

    ? The Coder - and/or Website Designer

    ? The SEO - role for all the Search Engine Optimization processes

    ? A Content Dude - or dudette to write and build all the unique original text and copywrite details

    ? A Marketing and Sales Guy - he runs all the sales pitches like - Build Sales Letters - Bonus Pages - One-Time Offer Pages & More - Converting Squeeze Pages et al. Plus he is likely to be the man who compiles and manages the BST and other similar threads on BHW! Social networking and more?

    That?s it this is just a brief compilation of one simple 4 Man Team way to Make Revenue?

    This is not a way to make a million bucks! ? but what I do know is that done right turning over a million dollars a year plus with a 4 Man Team is achievable?

    Any questions I will support the thread and posts as best I can?