33 useful, interesting & funny websites/tools you may have missed

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    33 useful, interesting & funny websites/tools you may have missed

    It's a subjective, wide-range, mixed selection by me of useful, interesting, funny websites/tools, most of them are relatively new, so you may have never heard of them.
    There are some you can profit of off directly, there are others which you can add to your website to make it more profitable, others can help you in social marketing, file converting/sharing, there are productivity tools and there are some just for fun!



    Compare words on Twitter and determine which one is the most popular. You will see which word out of the two you supplied is more tweeted per minute.

    You come across a cool product you love. Use Loved.by to share the link on Facebook or Twitter. If anyone then buys it — or anything else from that store — you get rewarded! Redeem your rewards by transferring the money into your account or donating it to a charitable cause. Or both.

    ‘Pay with a Tweet' is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. It's simple, every time somebody pays with a tweet, he or she tells all their friends about the product. Boom. Your users can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter or with a post on their Facebook wall to tell all their friends about you, your product and your brand.


    Make your own search engine with your name as logo. Once created copy the URL and put it in you blog or website or share it through twitter.

    ideaOffer is the tool for people who want help with developing ideas or want to get paid for helping others with their ideas.

    Clp.ly gives end users a simple and visually compelling way to repost content, instantly boosting the impact of blog posts, e-mail, websites, and social networks. The visual clips and formatted quotes generated by clp.ly drive a 5x greater click-through to the original publisher than content distributed via traditional links. For publishers, clp.ly helps turn pirates into partners, leveraging the 20 billion online sharing actions a month to dramatically expand audience and site traffic. Not only do the clips maintain brand and context, but also carry attribution and backlinks driving a high volume of incremental traffic.

    Using Handroll takes only one click to create a HTML5 video player for your site. Handroll.TV is data management for utterly public video. HTML5 video makes it very tough to hide anything — player code, usage, video description metadata, social gestures, editing layers, and a hundred other savory morsels. That data feast will all be floating around and available to slice, dice, layer, and roll. Bridging from data availability to great new applications will require open services in which that data is gathered and laid out for use. Handroll.TV is working to be one of those services.

    In short, download an watch easily all the videos which you can find in Facebook by courtesy of Facetofind!

    True Time Tracker is free time management software. With it you can learn how you spend your personal or working time. The program starts with Windows and gathers information on applications started, websites visited, various activities over time and consumed traffic. Basing on these data it creates detailed reports. Looking at such report you get comprehensive information of your working day structure, your daily activity and effectiveness of your work. You can learn how many times you interrupted your work, and how much time each particular task took. The built-in project manager allows you to review an overall development cost at a glance. A generated report or an invoice can be printed, saved or exported to PDF with a single click. The program features easy to use, intuitive interface which you can block the access to with a password.

    Free and easy real-time file conversion.


    This is the best place for you find alternatives to any website you know.

    URL X-ray tries to give the user an idea as to where shortened URLs lead to.

    Ping Brigade is a service that lets you measure how quickly your website loads from around the world. The time it takes to load your web pages has a huge impact on how your visitors perceive you. For example for every 0.5 second delay you may lose 30% of the visitors waiting for your website to load. Additionally, Google has recently announced that it will be taking web server speed into account when determining you website's page rank.

    twudy is a free tweet site for teen girls. Here you can follow your friends as well as follow teen topics or groups on isues such as dating, school, fashion, celebrities, beauty tips, etc. Finally, twudy has all the latest technology including full integration with facebook and twitter, the ability to include videos and pictures in your tweets, and the ability to automatically import tweets from other sites.

    Experience a new, more natural, intuitive, and efficient way to get to the content you need. Try Firesay, a free browser add-on that lets you surf the web by voice.

    URList is simple: browse the web and collect links you want to group. It will let you gather together as many links as you want and share them in one fell swoop. Links can be added using the provided web interface or via the featured bookmarklet, and the process is a free one in both cases.

    Hostlogr.com is a free service that allows you to find out which hoster/ISP is being used by certain websites. Simply fill out the website you want to check, and we will build a report showing you who is currently hosting that particular website.


    TorrentsPath.com is a quickly growing torrent search engine. Our main goal is to provide you with user-friendly interface to simplify the search of torrents. - It's something like torrentz.com.

    dushare is a simple direct file-transfer service. It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as a clicking a link. dusehare is ensure to dedicated three things: 1. Send your files to your peers directly (P2P) with no server for upload/download. 2. Send Unlimited File sizes in the fastest possible speed between two peers. 3. Chat with your peers to communicate any messages or comments. dushare offers security through via a user-set password at the end-point. Once started, transfer utilize 128-bit encryption.

    Tracking your data is easy: Insert any data you want to record. You can save it easily and fast. You can change it whenever you want. Your information is yours. Trackingo obtains conclusions: Inmediately you get interesting and relevant conclusions like average values, maximum, minimum, tendences, etc. You get visually your information and can compare it with others. Graphs and Calendars: You get graphs and calendars that make sense. Graphs are easy to change to get shorter periods of time, compare with others. Graphs will maintain you motivated to improve.


    Flattr is a social micropayment platform. Help support the people you like - and enable them to continue to do what they do! And add your own things to Flattr and receive support from others.

    The informational hub for affiliate marketing, as well as the home of the new Jounce Search engine. The first of its kind, Jounce search is able to query affiliate networks that list commissionable offers and return them as search results, providing affiliate marketers with detailed information about the offer. From there users can quickly grab their unique referral link (Hoplink), and start promoting in a fraction of the time it would have taken them before. Our goal is to simplify the process of affiliate marketing as much as possible and provide a fast, easy way for both experienced pros and people just starting out to find offers, promote, and, most importantly, make money online. - It's the offervault of affiliate marketing!


    Bingle is a new search hybrid that will let you look up anything that you want in the two main services of the day, namely Google and Bing. If you decide to give this new service a try, you will discover that any search which you carry out will produce joint results - IE, the results page will be split two exact halves. This will let you compare results right away, and if you are a blogger you will be able to see how well your content is ranking on either engine on the spot. That is the main use something like this will have, of course - measuring how well content of your own is faring on the World Wide Web.

    Linkable lets you organize all your bookmarks on a single page that you can access anywhere. Our technology is patent-pending.


    Nothing to install. Nothing to configure. Just upload and convert audio online.

    Zoom.it is a free service for viewing and sharing high-resolution imagery. You give us the link to any image on the web, and we give you a beautiful new way to experience it — along with a nice short URL.

    Bergfiles.com is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites. As an file sharing search engine Bergfiles.com finds files matching your search criteria among the files that has been seen recently in uploading sites by our search spider. This information is accumulated in a database. When you execute a Bergfiles.com search it delivers results from the database. With our unique approach to crawling you can find the files shared on uploading sites that the other crawlers miss. Also our search engine collects rich and relevant metadata for each page. As a result, when you search for files (video, music, software, documents etc) with Bergfiles, you can always find high-quality, relevant search results. Bergfiles is a Rapidshare search engine search on sites, forums, message boards for Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, 4shared etc. file links.

    Buy, sell and trade virtual shares in anyone and easily connect with new individuals and businesses. Realize the value of your online influence by connecting your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and more! Build your virtual empire while discovering new people and businesses to connect with in your hometown and around the world! Your online activity and virtual investments in great people and businesses will earn you virtual currency and real rewards.


    You can create your Twitter messages and Twitter updates here at Tweet-U-Later.com and tell us to post them at any future date and time. Schedule your Tweet now or tweet later... as many messages as you want.

    Teamly is a new kind of productivity tool that helps you and your staff move beyond your mile-long to-do lists and focus on the truly important stuff—your top 5 priorities for the day, week and month. But you can't choose more than that, so as not to lose focus. The application is still in beta, and some (important) functionalities such as receiving automatic emails reminding you of these things you have to do in order to make your goals come true are yet to be implemented. But you can already see statistics that showcase how you are progressing towards fulfilling your aims. And reports can be printed right away, too, and checked when you are not online.

    You can schedule recurring Facebook updates or schedule tweets from multiple Twitter accounts!


    Try Web FontFonts on any website. Web FontFonts are high quality, screen-optimized fonts designed specifically for web use. FontFonter uses custom CSS and other techniques to temporarily replace a site's font styles with Web FontFonts.


    Get your people together without getting your people together. Share a single screen so everybody's on the same page. You don't need a plane, a projector or a sandwich platter. Just gather at join.me to meet. So what is it exactly? It's an impromptu meeting that happens wherever you are. It's getting a second or third pair of eyes on your presentation from across the hall or across the continent. It's sharing your screen instantly with anyone to get stuff done, quickly. It's join.me, the last two words in an invitation to be collaboratively better. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption. Temporary & under your control - when you close join.me it removes itself from your computer. You control who gets the code to see your screen.

    To be continued...Stay tuned! :)
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    i am not saying which, but i found an extremely powerful tool here.
    Thanks! Kosz bazze ;)
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    you're welcome ;)
    just plz drop me a note when you'll make your 1st million using one of the websites or implementing an idea :p
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    and here comes another compilation of 50+1 websites

    if you enjoyed my OP then i'm sure you will enjoy this post just as much!


    Create Flash Slideshows the easy way! Using this site costs nothing - simply choose the pictures that you want featured as part of your slideshow, and a .ZIP file including the finished piece will be put your merry way.

    Mejuba is the ultimate online photo and video hosting, sharing and management application - and it's all for free. You can upload as many as you want and as often as you want. Unmetered traffic: no restrictions on monthly traffic or quotas. Download of originals: alway access to your uploaded originals. No scaling of photos: uploaded photos and videos are saved in the original form. Unlimited storage: upload and store as many photos and videos as you want. Upload folders: upload folders while retaining your PC folder structure. No filesize limit: upload up to 1GB per upload


    Using an innovative new technique, we're able to match up related websites by scanning them for the unique ID codes used by popular services such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Yahoo Publish Network, Chitika and Amazon.com. Along with MX (mail exchanger) records, this information can then be cross-referenced against our extensive database of other sites to reveal hidden web networks - letting you see what your competitors are doing in other sectors online. If you know this, you'll be able to anticipate and counter their every move!

    1. Get the Like Button for Twitter. 2. One click Install. 3. Find out who likes your tweets.


    Dragontape is a webapp that enables you to create mixtapes of your favorite online videos, so you can watch them as a continuous show. The tapes you create are accessed through a single URL, so you can easily share with friends or embed them in a webpage. The source clips remain in their original locations, Dragontape simply remembers where to find them.

    Bizmey helps games and application developers to Monetize their virtual currency and generate revenue. We connect market research and brands with Media.

    Personal trending topics and links from your twitter feed. KeyTweet is a twitter application that displays your most relevant links from the people you follow. It's like Pandora for Twitter. We know that feeds are full of great tweets. We also know that feeds are full of junk..noise if you will. We are working to reduce the signal to noise ratio. Better tweets less noise. Every tweet we show you is in your feed. They are just sorted by relevance now. You will be amazed what turns up. Great links that you may have missed or didn't think were cool until you see 3 of your friends tweeted about the same thing.

    Find out how Internet advertisers see you, and take back control of your info. The Internet is filled with advertisers that constantly collect information about you. What they know about you can get creepy, especially when they use that knowledge to bug you about things you don't like. You should always be in control over what advertisers know about you - you should be able to see it, change it, and delete it. If they won't give you control, they shouldn't use your information.

    Flip Filter is a service that intends to make collating and comparing the information offered up by so many different sites smoother. It brings together website for sale listings as featured on all the marketplaces (Flippa, Digital Point, Webmaster's Marketplace and Website Broker), and it also crawls different forums in order to give you a much broader understanding on what can be bought, and where. In that way, something that is multitudinous by definition becomes considerably streamlined. It makes the process of buying a site easier not only by gathering together listings from different sources, but also by giving you access to email alerts when new sites become listed.

    It is as simple as lottery. You just need to submit your web page's url and you get a chance to win the lottery. What you pay is to visit today's winning web page. And what you win is all the traffic to your website for the day. Just submit the url you want to promote below, and you will be send to the today's winning webpage. That's it. No email entered. No advertisements. No bull sh*t. You are allowed to submit only one url per day. Websites with pornography, obscene or defamatory content will be removed and banned permanently. Oh, and no affiliate link please. The lottery draw takes place every night at server time 12:00 AM. The winning web page is selected through a random algorithm. Every draw is independent of previous results.

    HQpdf.com is a free search engine that provides an option to search for and download various PDF&DOC documents, data sheets etc. Our crawlers harvested a huge database PDF&DOC files through different open Internet resources such as blogs, forums, BBS and others. This database is regularly checked for file validity so now you can search within more than three million of live PDF&DOC files. The upcoming features are live PDF preview with your browser and social features like voting comments and stuff.

    Just keep it simple: set and accomplish One Simple Goal per day. Focus each day on one specific goal, and accomplish it as best as you know how. There are no complex time schedules to figure out. It's just you and your One Simple Goal.

    myf5 is a web application that allows you to spy on people on twitter.com. So, how is this different from all the other twitter thingies? Simple: they can't fight back. They will never know they're beeing followed.

    TwtMob connects brands with influential twitterers who are rewarded for sending messages about these brands to their followers on twitter. Reaching 20 million people a day, twtMob creates a whole new level of awareness and trust for brand advertisers. And twitter users get paid for simply talking about things they believe in.

    Discover Trending Videos real-time on Twitter and Facebook. You and your friends are sharing and discovering a lot of funny videos around the web; but sometimes you loose something behind timelines, wall updates, short-urls and replies.

    ToneCheckâ„¢ is an e-mail plug-in that flags sentences with words or phrases that may convey unintended emotion or tone, then helps you re-write them. Just like Spell Check... but for Tone. Avoid continuous editing and unnecessary conflict with ToneCheckâ„¢.

    The real damage calculates the true cost of a purchase using your own unique financial situation. Unlike most debt calculators, we don't show how much something will cost if you carry the balance on your credit card. We show you how much you'd save if you never purchased the item in the first place, and instead used the money to pay down your debt. Reverse the logic, and what we end up with is the amount that purchase truly costs you. Knowing the true cost of something, allows you to make informed financial decisions. If those designer jeans, on sale for $75 would really cost you $168... wouldn't you think twice before buying them?

    Realtime social search. 48ers was created to help you search for what's happening right now. We trawl conversations from all the major social networks across the web to bring back nuggets of information to help you.

    FontConverter.com allows you to quickly convert between many font formats without the hassle of installing any software on your computer.

    VidScan shows you timelines of your favorite YouTube videos. So you know what parts to watch and what to leave out. VidScan uses YouTube comments via the YouTube API to get the timeline data.

    Kizoa is a comprehensive and easy-to-use slideshow creating platform online, enabling people to easily share photos in a dynamic and creative way.

    Tweetaboogle is a mashup that brings together two of the most emblematic activities that any internaut carries out endlessly each single day: tweeting out messages and searching for data. Yes, that's it. This is a site that lets you use Twitter at the very same time you search the Web. Using a feed interface that will be instantly familiar to anybody who has ever used Facebook, Tweetaboogle displays relevant tweets around search results and creates something truly comparable to a rich "social search" experience. You can both read tweets and send out your very own in an entirely natural way the very same moment that you come across any piece of news.

    Idea Informer is a powerful tool, which makes it easier for website owners and administrators. It's a platform for putting together your visitors' minds, ideas and recommendations on your project. Instead of conducting expensive research, ask your users what they really want!

    Understanding the female mind is what this site is all about. In essence, it is a bit like these Q & A sites that are as popular as ever right now, only that: A) The ones who ask are always men, and B) The ones who answer are always women. Men can use the site to ask for advice on dating, relationships and everything else that they feel only a woman could explain satisfactorily, and they will get an answer right away. This is actually a paid service - men have to pay a fee for each question they post, and women earn money for each answer they provide. In theory, men can ask just anything they feel like asking (as long as it is not immoral and/or in bad taste), and they will be getting an answer for sure - the fact that the site is a paid one goes into guaranteeing that. And in case they are not 100 % happy with the response that they have received then they can always ask for a full refund.


    Focus on what you are looking for. WebNocular is a new search portal that does not really try to compete with Google, Bing and Yahoo but rather offer users the possibility to search websites like eBay, Amazon and Wikipedia by applying filters and narrowing results in a specialized way.

    PIE makes Internet Explorer 6-8 capable of rendering several of the most useful CSS3 decoration features.

    NotiFinder is the right tool if you are addicted to Craiglist and want to know when something you are keen on is listed without having to check manually every five minutes. What NotiFinder does is to send these posting straight to your inbox. So, NotiFinder is to all intent and purposes a timesaver that also has the advantage of being usable by anybody, anywhere, and at no cost. All that needs to be done by the user to start receiving alerts in his inbox is to specify where he lives (by supplying his City, State and Country) and then individualize the item (or items) he is keen on getting. This is made very easy thanks to the ability to choose the category and subcategory at the same time that he types down the name of the concerned product. Besides, users can set down the frequency at which they want to be informed. Three options are provided in that particular case: "As soon as one is posted", "Once daily" and "Once weekly".

    RecreateMyNight.com was created by a group of engineers to keep track of some epic nights out. It has been a massive undertaking that we believe is truly awesome and fun. The site works great for one person and works phenomenally well when groups of friends all contribute to recreating a night.

    Touration is a service for adding great looking help callouts to the elements of your web site without any scripting, using just a visual editor. Increase user loyalty and improve sales by helping your visitors in the right place at the right time.

    whichloadsfaster is a fun way to spread the word that web performance matters. It's about friendly competition and about testing in everybody's browser, not just ones that have nice performance tools already. whichloadsfaster is open source, written in HTML and JavaScript and runs entirely on the client-side. You can host the files on your own site and tweak them to suit your own nefarious plans. We promise not to tell.

    Dakwak is a next-generation website localization tool and service. With dakwak, you are minutes away from getting your website localized and translated to more than 60 languages. Your site can now speak your audiences' and visitors' language. Webmasters can deploy dakwak within minutes. All you need to do is insert the dakwak javascript code and add the class name "dakwak" to the HTML elements that contain the phrases and words you would like dakwak to translate. Your visitors can choose their preferred language. Furthermore, dakwak can automatically detect the preferred language of your visitors based on their IP addresses. For example, if a user visits your site from Brazil, dakwak will smartly push your website in Portoguese! Things do get better! dakwak allows you to ask your community of users and dakwak community of users to help you translate your site. As the owner of a site, you have full control on whether you want everybody in the community to help, or a certain number of translators you assign. Moderation of community translations is also a feature of dakwak.

    Quite a novel (but nonetheless very necessary) website, iFaceSearch is an engine that is wholly devoted to face search. On the site, all you have to do is key in the name of a person, and iFaceSearch will then find pictures of that individual.

    Yoomark is a social bookmarking website where you can submit your weblink and latest news for collecting a huge traffic and better search result in Google,Yahoo,Bing etc...So lets go Yoomark and share your link.

    If you wanna find a link tweeted from someone, its pretty simple: just enter above a Twitter username and done! Were gonna list only links for you, try it now!

    GoGoPlot is a simple and free utility that lets you track the small numbers in your life, graph the results and combine them to find the patterns.

    Pure video viewing. Watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the 'other' things. Click here for an example. Use it anywhere. Simply drag the button into your bookmarks toolbar (or right click and favorite it in IE) to use it. Next time you see a video you want to purify, click the button when on the YouTube page.

    Watching Movies For Free Online.

    Defined as "the instructional appliance" IORAD, will let you create a tutorial to go with any application that you have developed. That is something which should never be an afterthought - there is no point coming up with the app that can change the world if nobody can even launch it. That is something which can be avoided using IORAD, as the tutorials that can be crafted using it are entirely intuitive and fully illustrative in each and every case.

    Use namechecklist to check if your brandname, username, domain and vanity url are still available on the worldwide web.

    By using advanced cloud computing algorithms, the worldwide software project known as "The Internet Time Machine", when flipped around, is also a high powered search engine that is now opened up to the public. NowRelevant.com is the link to The Internet Time Machine's backend search engine that give you every written word about a subject for the past 14 days. It monitor millions of sources and feeds to give you the most up to date and pertinent information on your subject. With the historical clutter that permeates the web (not all of the html pages are clutter, but much of it is irrelevant now) we decided to set up a complex system of filtering and algorithms to give you just discussions and information about your subject for the past 14 days only.

    anologue is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your favorite paste app, meets instant coffee. With anologue you can quickly and easily engage in an anonymous (or not) linear dialogue with any number of people (within reason). No accounts. no installations. no way?! yes, way! Your "chat room" is created by the time this link loads. invite whoever you want by giving them your unique link, and chat away.

    Infinite YouTube will let you take any YouTube clip that you want and have it repeated ad infinitum. It is as simple as that.

    Let your visitors embed your content rather than just take it. Embedded content comes with a link back to build SEO and traffic. Embedded content is invisible to search engines. Ad space contained within each embed lets you monetize embedded content. Reporting and control over which sites are embedding your content.

    DatingTwitter is a free twitter dating site. You can search for girl or guy of your dreams or find someone just to hang out together. You can search for dates in where you are located.

    Real time behavioral targeting solutions. Your website visitors are not the same. While you won't be able to build a different website for each segment of visitors, you have the possibility of targeting each segment in real time with specific messages, actions or promotions. PadiAct, our real time behavioral targeting platform, offers advanced reporting allowing you to finetune your campaigns for best performances. No changes required on your website, minimum help from your IT department and no impact on your servers performance.

    Feed Button and Feed Cache in One. Promote your feed content and measure audiences with FEEDCAT bookmarking, sharing and proxying service. It's free and it can make money for you!

    Muncom.com is a free web store builder. Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes, with free website hosting, free subdomain and a powerful admin tool to manage their free online stores.

    Our writing style reflects us in many ways, for example texts written in anger probably differs from words written in joy. When you read a text you intuitively gets an idea about the author and you start forming a picture in your head. For example if you read a blog with an anonymous author, you often get a feeling whether it's written by a male or female. We wanted to know if we could give computers the same intuition from reading texts. UrlAi.com classifies texts on gender, age, mood (happy or upset) and tonality (personal or academic). We are going to add more classifiers in the future.

    Xa.ly is a new innovative URL shortener that allows its users to earn money by sharing links as they normally would. However unlike other URL shorteners we display an advert before the original URL is shown.

    Write.fm is a simple paste app. It will let anybody share a text in the simplest way that has yet been devised.


    BUMP was born in August 2009 when we realized that for many, time spent in the car is wasted time. The web enables us to be constantly connected with business associates, friends, and family whether we're at work or at home. But what about when we're on the road? Every day, 128 million American drivers spend an average of 46 minutes commuting. We're right next to each other on the highway, but we have no way to communicate, connect, and network. BUMP empowers you to break the communication barrier, creating a world in which it's possible to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Best of all, it's simple, safe, and effective. With BUMP, downtime need never be wasted time. BUMP combines the best of communication technologies with a voice-automated system that allows users to send messages in any format they choose. By using our service, you can become part of the first network that bridges the physical with the virtual, connecting you not only with people around you, but with the entities and ideas around you too. Those in the BUMP network will have access to all kinds of services, deals, and discounts tailor-made for each individual user. Businesses involved will benefit from commuter tracking, enthusiast marketing, data research, and lead generation to online and interactive commerce. BUMP's integrated "4-way communication" platform enables users to connect both on and offline. BUMP users interact via unique identifiers; including license plates, mobile phones, physical addresses, and established and new online profiles, enabling "reverse communication," marketing and profiling.
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    nice list....thanks for sharing this...
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    thx for sharing this, good to have :)
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    you're welcome

    just monitor killerstartups.com, i collected these sites from there, they write about 15 startup websites on every weekday, you can easily find golden nuggets, nice ideas amongst those ;)