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$32/£20 per sale - good conversion rates - UPDATED

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by adhept, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. adhept

    adhept Junior Member

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hi Black Hat World'ers

    I’m looking for partners to help promote my eBook and software package, ideally with a mailing list/website/blog related to horse racing/betting but I’m happy to work with any internet marketer. My product is about producing long term and realistic profits from horse racing. I’m willing to do excusive customer discounts or some sort of ‘win a free copy by entering you email address’ offer for the right people.

    The product consists of –

    The 13 chapter eBook (that actually is 13 chapters - no fluff used to fill it out) which contains information and practical methods to estimate the pace of the race, the class of the runners, the effects of factors such as going, distance, course, trainer and jockey, how to estimate the amount of value in a bet, sensible staking plans, 3 systems that have produced consistent profits for over 5 years, how to think like a professional gambler and more

    The 2 pieces of speed rating software, the first to give each race a rating (the software calculates the affects of going and weather on the race whilst automatically removing any falsely run races) that allows it to be compared to any other race regardless of distance and going. The second application takes the rating produced by the first piece of software and adjusts it for each runner by factoring in the distance beaten and the difference in weight. Not only are these ratings effective and versatile but it also means that the user only has to store one rating for each race as opposed to a rating for each runner, this cuts the time required to maintain a speed rating database considerably.

    A piece of form rating software that is designed to see which runners are capable of handling the conditions of each race and give each horse a rating between 0-100. This can be used with any system, tipster or method of betting as a simple way of checking how solid a potential bet is

    The Bonuses are a guide to the new racing post website and a set of bet tracking spreadsheets that allow users to focus only on the most profitable areas of their betting whilst seeing which areas need improvement


    Each sale pays $32/£20 and the program is based on PayDotCom

    I'm offering a free product called the Pro Punter Place Investor that is designed to increase a betting bank by around 5% every month, it includes a short guide to finding the selections and a piece of software to calculate the stakes required, both the guide and the software have an affiliate link embedded in them so if someone who uses the free system buys a copy of the Pro Punter Package whoever distributed the eBook gets the commission. The book contains a video advert for the Pro Punter Package and a small piece of copy.

    The Pro Punter Place Investor has a system that captures the prospective customers name and (valid)email address to gain access to the software application, these would again be shared with the distributor so not only would you be making commission but also building your list at the same time.

    There is also a selection of images in different sizes and a moving .gif banner in the affiliate section

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread