(31 Days) An Article Writer's Journey to $100 a day.

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    Hello and welcome to my journey!

    Not too long ago, I posted an I.M journey towards the goal of making $30 each day within a month, which thanks to the huge amount of free time I had, as well as plausible luck in the amount of sales I brought in from places like Fiverr, was a success in fairly little time. This time around, my goal is slightly more adventurous... $100 a day within 31 days or until the end of August.

    Why $100 a day?

    $100 seems to be a fairly popular milestone for Internet Marketers to achieve, and since I will have tight constraints on the amount of time I can spend writing once September comes around, I want to make as much money as possible now to make up for my downtime later on. Additionally, I have around $2,000 that needs paying back by this time February 2015, and by achieving this goal I can have the debt paid well in advance.

    How do I plan to go about making $100 a day as a writer?

    In all honesty, the most I've ever made in a single day writing is around the $60 mark, and this was on a particularly good day to say the least. I had around 6 orders for articles on Fiverr, and I had also sold an article on GhostBloggers on the same day. Given my current situation, and the fact that I will be moving about the country during August because of the Summer holidays, this task could prove to be a challenge. Although, I do have a workable plan in mind that should allow me to reach my target.

    The plan.

    The first thing that I plan to do, is to set up my own blog and begin writing articles on a popular niche. This will require some research of course, but hopefully once I have found the right niche to get started in, the rest should be fairly simple. I am not too keen on setting up my own website like I have in the past, as this requires hosting fees, you have to purchase the domain name and getting a decent WP theme seems to be an extravagant task. For this reason, I plan to stick to either WordPress, blogspot or any other free blogging platform I can use.

    The second part of my plan involves writing for clients that I already have. At the time of writing this post, I have two clients who regularly need content for their websites, and they pay significantly more than the average buyer on iWriter, Textbroker or any of the other content mills. They should count towards at least 20% of my daily revenue.

    The third component (if you will) is to start writing more articles on sites like iWriter and try to get the 30 reviews I need to get to the Elite status. At the moment, I have a 4.8 rating on iWriter after producing 13 articles, and whilst the standard pay is reasonable for developing countries, as a native writer the income is simply laughable. My writing skills are not the most impressive, but $2.43 for a 500 word article is a joke at any rate. The idea is to write around 3-4 articles for iWriter a day, and hopefully achieve the Elite status so that I can begin to apply for the better paying projects. I am already on 7 clients 'favourite writers' list.

    The fourth and final piece to the $100 a day puzzle, is to continue the services I have on Fiverr. One gig in particular brings an average of $15 per sale due to the extras, and if I can manage to increase my sales I should be looking at around $30 a day from Fiverr alone. The work that I do for the gig isn't demanding either, which is a change from the stress of writing articles. (I love it really.)

    (EXTRA) I'm going to start selling articles on Constant-Content, GhostBloggers and other article marketplaces.

    Let's get started!

    I already started taking action before posting this journey, so I am a little ahead... here's what I've managed to achieve so far.

    I did an hour of research into a possible niche to begin writing blog posts for. I actually got a lot of helpful advice from another I'M journey based on creating an AdSense website and making $100 a day from it. I used what I had learnt from the journey, and looked for keywords with high competition (Google AdWords I'm not daft) as well as a high CTR/CPC. This should enhance my potential earnings from my writing.

    I began editing my Fiverr gigs to hopefully attract more buyers. All of my gigs have 4-5 stars and my article writing gig has around 150 positive reviews. I haven't managed to secure a sale today via Fiverr.

    I wrote an article for one of my clients, which was fairly short (150 words) and paid $7.

    I wrote 4 articles for buyers via iWriter, and received $16.12. For those of you who are tempted to question my maths on this one, they were special requests so I managed to get premium prices :)

    Today's revenue so far: $23.12
    How far off $100 goal: $76.88

    If you have any suggestions or advice for me on my journey, I would highly appreciate it!

    Thank you for reading!
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    Good luck, once you get the right connections it's really easy to make $100/day writing content.
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    double post.....
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    best of luck with your journey im sure you will make your goal?

    why don't you focus on making a site and putting your articles on there? domains and hosting aren't expensive and once you build it up you will get more from that article than you make from selling to someone.

    seems like your doing all the hard work for someone else to put it on their site and make money.

    I cant pm you but can you send me your fiver writing gig?
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