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302 question

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by abyssal_miss, May 15, 2014.

  1. abyssal_miss

    abyssal_miss Power Member

    Jun 18, 2011
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    So in an attempt at reputation management, I've been buying new domains and 302'ing the old domain that I've done seo on to the new domains. Usually I use cpanel and the automated apache routing seems to work fine. I keep my old domain in the serps, and it ranks top spot. Customers are redirected to a squeeze page on the new domain that the main domain is 302'd towards.

    I keep my ranks, and customers forget about the url that's listed in the serps.

    I switched over to an amazon hosting account and manually input the redirect. Now google treats it as a 301 although it's 302 and after about a week, pushes the new domain into the ranks over top of the old one, and my rankings drop. Same sort of thing that a 301 would do in googles eyes, as I've seen many times before.
    I take the 302 off, ping it a bunch. And it returns back to my old domain, ranking top spot.

    I'm not interested in really doing it any other way, because the way I've been doing it is very effective for sales, etc.

    So my question is, do I need to copy the apache routing from the cpanel where I would 302 from the admin control panel? Or is there a way to have google treat it actually like a 302 as I specify in the code without having to go through and add the apache routing manually?

    Even better, I'm not so familiar with AWS, is there a way on AWS that will route it in the same way that cpanel does?

    And I have a suspicion but I haven't been reading up on BHW lately. I know that many are using these 301 tricks with multiple ages domains, pointed to wiki, then pushed over to another site. Perhaps google pushed out a small update that fixed the loophole and is inadvertently effecting my method?

    Any insight, or direction would be appreciated.