301 redirect problem with a wordpress plugin

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Ive tried to do a 301 redirect on one of my sites which has wordpress on it. I backed up the database, transferred all the files to the new domain. I still have the same files on the old domain aswell.
    When doing the transfer I uploaded a robots.txt to my new domain folder with

    then deleted it when I was finished.

    I went in phpmyadmin and changed wp-options/site url to my newdomain.

    In my .htaccess i put

    Now everything seems to work correctly but I had a plugin that allows users to buy things. Now when they try to buy something it wont work. They can still create an account through the plugin and use it normally until they want to buy something.

    I can also see them register but thats it, whatever they do I can no longer see.

    All my other plugins work correctly but this one will not. Ive looked through phpmyadmin but I cant find anything to change.

    I appreciate any help.